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Parachutist Gets Yellow Card After Landing on Field During Polish Soccer Game

GoPro footage captured the moment a skydiver in Poland drifted off course and landed on a soccer field in the middle of a game in the northern Polish city of Elblag after his parachute malfunctioned. This video shows Philipp Deja’s wingsuit jump from a plane, and his landing on the sports field on June 6. Deja told Storyful he and his friends were wingsuit-flying and everything was going well until it was time to open his parachute, and he noticed the lines were twisted. Deja tried to undo a knot for about two minutes, but he was rapidly approaching the ground and decided to cut away from his main parachute and open the reserve chute. “I was above the center of the city, and with my latitude I couldn’t go back to my drop zone where we normally landed,” Deja said. “I was searching for the best spot to land, and the football field was ideal for the landing.” Credit: Philipp Deja via Storyful
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