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Prince Harry is the first royal to sue the government, and he's doing it once again

Oh My Mag logo Oh My Mag 8/5/2022 Yukti Malhotra
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Prince Harry has filed a new lawsuit against the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police in the High Court after the UK government forbade him from paying for his own security while he was visiting the country.

Homecoming fight

Prince Harry feels that he and his family are not safe in the UK without police protection. The Duke of Sussex understands that ever since he stepped down from the position of a senior royal, he’s not entitled to the royal protection provided by the state.

However, he still wants the same level of protection and is ready to pay for it from his pocket. This is where the Home Office comes in. They have denied Prince Harry the right to such protection, even after he personally pays for it, confirms The Sun.

Prince Harry is the first royal ever to sue the government. He sued the Home Office for the first time after it decided to remove his taxpayer-funded protection in 2020. And now a second time is done on August 4–Meghan’s birthday.

Prince Harry Anwar Hussein/Getty Images © Provided by Oh My Mag Prince Harry Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

The beginning of chaos

This comes just weeks after Prince Harry won the last stage of his court fight against the home office over his security arrangements. Meaning, he can now take the case for a judicial review. The Judicial Office confirmed:

It is at an early stage, no hearings have been listed yet and no decisions have been made.

Prince Harry’s case has already cost the Home Office £90,094.79 and could’ve surpassed £100,000 since May. However, the Home Office stands firm on their decision as they believe civilians shouldn't be able to pay for police protection privately. If the Duke loses his case the Home Office will be awarded back its costs; although, it would leave a sour taste between the government and royal that will remain for a long time.

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