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Putin 'Using at Least Three Body Doubles' as Fresh Claims Suggest Russian Tyrant 'Incredibly Unwell'

Radar Online logo Radar Online 3/23/2023 Connor Surmonte
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A new theory that Vladimir Putin is employing at least three different body doubles for trips is starting to gain significant traction across Russia, has learned.

In a sudden development to come just days after the theory first went viral earlier this week, more and more Russians are reportedly starting to believe that the 70-year-old leader is using Putin doppelgängers during certain trips and events.

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As previously reported, the theory first gained traction on Monday after Putin made a surprise visit to Mariupol, Ukraine, over the weekend.

Shortly after the Russian tyrant returned from his alleged trip, and after the Kremlin released footage of Putin allegedly in Mariupol visiting troops on the frontlines, one Ukrainian official took to social media to point out the differences between the alleged Putin body double and the real Putin.

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“What's up with your chin, Putin?” Kyiv official Anton Gerashchenko quipped online alongside three photos of allegedly different Putins.

“Looks like lately his make-up artists (i.e. for the recent trips of the bunker man to the occupied Crimea and Mariupol) had to work with quite a low-quality copy, not even a double but its copy,” Gerashchenko continued. “I wonder which one of them was real?”

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Now, according to Daily Mail, a video corroborating Gerashchenko’s claims has gone viral online and it is convincing Russians to buy into the Putin body double theory.

“Who is ruling Russia?” the video asks, although it is not known who created the footage and posted it to Russian social media. “Who visited Mariupol?”

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“Specialists long ago noticed the differences between the Russian president's body doubles,” the viral video continues. “A ledge on Putin's earlobe constantly changes. As does a small mole on his face.”

“Evidently the weakest double was sent to Mariupol,” the video states before comparing photos of the real Putin to the doppelgänger who allegedly visited Mariupol last weekend. “They forgot to put in his jaw.”

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As reported, the theory that Putin is employing body doubles comes as public support for the Russian leader’s ongoing war in Ukraine starts to diminish.

Earlier this week, after footage of Putin allegedly in Ukraine was released by the Kremlin, a number of Russian citizens spoke out against both Putin and the ongoing invasion.

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“Nobody f---ing needs us here,” fumed one citizen. “Everything is done for a picture on TV, so that people in Russia will watch.”

“And why take him there, he was only taken to places that were preserved and new buildings,” wrote another. “Nobody will show him the empty pits under the foundations of destroyed houses.”


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