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Russia Apparently Shot Down a UFO

Exemplore logo Exemplore 1/12/2023 Diana Logan
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The report said, “A UFO in the form of a ball was shot down in the sky.”

News organizations all over the world are repeating a strange report out of Russia this week: that they were able to shoot down a UFO. The incident occurred in the Rostov region, which is an area of great strategic significance in the ongoing struggle between Russia and Ukraine. According to government officials, the object was detected at about one and half miles of altitude, and was “liquidated.”

But what exactly was this thing? Was it really a UFO, or was it some kind of drone?

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The object was described as a “small ball” or sphere. Orb UFOs have long been a an established type of encounter. In recent years, much like reports of UFOs of every other type, the prevalence of these orb encounters have increased dramatically. Skeptic say that these glowing balls in the sky are not unidentified objects at all and that people simply don’t know that what they are seeing are flares, aircrafts, or even drones.

The Russian region has definitely been subject to several drone attacks, as well as the usual surveillance missions. One wonders if this story of a UFO is not the Russian media’s way of warning would-be attackers of their sturdy anti-aircraft defenses, or just covering up information of what it really was that fell out of the sky.

Whatever the odd sphere was, it is destined to remain unidentified—at least, outside of Russian military operations.

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