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This Day in History: US Withdraws From Vietnam

This Day in History:, US Withdraws From Vietnam. March 29, 1973. After eight years of an extremely unpopular war with North Vietnam, the last U.S. combat troops left South Vietnam. Peace talks between the U.S. and communist North Vietnam had begun in 1968, culminating with a peace agreement signed in January of 1973. Provision of the agreement included a ceasefire throughout Vietnam, the withdrawal of American troops and the release of POWs. 7,000 U.S. Defense Department civilians remained in Saigon to assist the South in their continued efforts against the North. The remaining U.S. civilians would be airlifted out of Saigon a year later when the city fell to the North. 58,000 American and an estimated 2 million Vietnamese lives were lost in the war
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