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This survivor of Mao's Cultural Revolution warns of what's to come if Democrats control education

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 11/23/2021 Christopher Tremoglie
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Yukong Zhao is the president of the Asian American Coalition for Education. He also ran for Congress in 2020 and is a candidate for the Florida House of Representatives in 2022. He has taken a strong stance against affirmative education programs and believes there is too much left-wing indoctrination in schools. After the successful gubernatorial campaign of Glenn Youngkin in Virginia, Zhao feels many are waking up to the toxic brainwashing centers many of our nation’s schools have become.

“In the Virginia gubernatorial race that just ended, the Democrats suffered a humiliated defeat, losing all three key seats: Governor, Lieutenant Governor and the Attorney General. Among many reasons behind the Democrats’ defeat in Virginia, one critical factor is education,” Zhao told me in an email exchange.

Zhao credited the efforts of many parents that brought attention to these issues. These movements have let the rest of the country know that children are becoming pawns in public schools for left-wing agendas.

“American children need academic education, not political indoctrination,” Zhao told me.

“In recent months, in Loudon County, Virginia, parents launched a courageous fight against teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Virginia public schools. One by one, parents stood up and rejected the ludicrous claims of CRT including the claim that systemic racism exists in today’s America and that whites are born as oppressors,” Zhao said.

“One year earlier in Fairfax County, Virginia, parents started their protest and lawsuit against its school board’s decision of canceling admission tests for Thomas Jefferson High School (TJ), the ranked #1 high school in America. Parents want to preserve the academic excellence of TJ and many other public schools in Virginia,” Zhao said.

Yukong Zhao. (Yukong Zhao for Congress/Yukong Zhao) © Provided by Washington Examiner Yukong Zhao. (Yukong Zhao for Congress/Yukong Zhao)

Zhao stresses removing such standards is a mistake. A racial minority himself, Zhao adamantly stated that removing these standards will do nothing positive for students and even harm them in the long run. Lowering these standards will leave them unprepared for the world after they graduate.

“Once the education quality is lowered, American children lose the opportunity to build a strong academic foundation to take high-paying jobs in technology and other sectors,” Zhao said. “Today, some college graduates with a computer degree can get starting salary of six figures. Our nation is already far behind China and other countries in math and science education and has a serious talent shortage in these areas.”

“Though Democrats can use such socialist interventions to create artificial racial equity in our nation’s colleges and top high schools, it does not address the root causes of educational achievement gaps in too many black and Hispanic communities: high crime rate, high drug abuse rate, high unemployment rate and broken families,” Zhao said. “Not only does such a ‘race to bottom’ policy fail to lift up the majority of black and Hispanic children, but it also lowers the educational quality for all American children.”

Zhao also expresses concern for the level of indoctrination occurring at schools today. He has made this an essential part of his campaign platform. He is aware of the ills of these indoctrination programs and routinely speaks out against CRT. He also finds many, if not all, of the claims CRT curriculum teach as bogus and not grounded in reality.

“It is extremely dangerous to indoctrinate American children with the baseless and divisive CRT. Though there was serious racial discrimination in American history, after the Civil Rights Movement, almost all federal and state laws that discriminate black, Hispanic and Native Indians have been abolished,” Zhao said.

“If American society is dominated by white supremacy and white privilege as CRT claims, how could America elect Barack Obama twice as president?” Zhao said. “How could Lebron James, Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey have become billionaires? How could the best-educated, high-income racial group in America is Asian, not white?”

Moreover, as a Chinese immigrant who lived through the horrors of Mao Zedong’s communist regime, he expressed concern that this is where the U.S. is headed if there isn’t a widespread rejection of these left-wing programs in our country’s schools.

“Without an adequate supply of talent, we will lose technology leadership in the world — losing market share on our most profitable products in the world’s market. Subsequently, Americans will no longer enjoy the lifestyle we have today. Democrats’ push for lowering academic standards to achieve racial equity will inevitably lead to equal poverty to all Americans,” Zhao told me.

“That’s what exactly China did during its Cultural Revolution. Chinese dictator Mao Zedong abolished China’s College Entrance Exam in order to bring 'class equity' to workers, peasants, and soldiers. After destroying the meritocracy, China could not select and educate enough talents to conduct research or manage enterprises,” Zhao said. “As a consequence, China’s technological innovation stalled, and its economy rapidly collapsed.”

Zhao also emphasized we should look to China’s past to see what leftists have planned as their objective in the future.

“Another lesson we should learn from China is the disastrous results of political indoctrination. In 1963, Mao launched nationwide class struggle education, falsely accusing all landlords and capitalists as evil oppressors,” Zhao said. “Three years later, Mao indoctrinated millions of youths later became revolution warriors ─ Red Guards and Revolutionary Rebels, who ruthlessly attacked, tortured and murdered millions of landlords, intellectuals and government officials during China’s Cultural Revolution.”

Zhao raises valid concerns. He is someone who lived through a regime that did what many leftists are trying to do today in the U.S. We should listen to people like him who have seen these acts before. Zhao brings both experience, wisdom, and a desire to prevent toxic, radical, left-wing ideas from becoming mainstream thought in the U.S. And, as Zhao emphasized, it all starts out with our country’s education and public schools.


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