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Today in History: February 14

Microsoft News | Slide 2 of 12: Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) was born in Scotland but emigrated to the United States, settling in Boston where he began his career as an inventor. On 7 March 1876, he secured a patent for an electrical speech machine, which he called the telephone. After showing the instrument at the American Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in June, news of the invention spread throughout Europe. He was asked to demonstrate the telephone to Queen Victoria (1819-1901) at Osborne House, on the Isle of Wight. On the evening of 14th January 1878 contact was made with nearby Osborne Cottage and terminals in Southampton and London. This telephone and terminal panel were used at Osborne Cottage.

1876: Graham Bell files patent for telephone

Famed American inventor Alexander Graham Bell filed the first patent for the telephone. Just hours later, rival inventor Elisha Gray submitted his outline of a similar device, sparking off an enduring debate as to who was the actual inventor of the telephone.

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