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Today in History: October 25

Microsoft News | Slide 1 of 15: A drawing of the Charge of the Light Brigade when 600 horsemen were ordered to charge by Lord Raglan during the Crimean war in 1854. The Prince of Wales today (Wed) looked over the Valley of Death where almost 150 years ago the regiments of the ill-fated Light Brigade charged the imperial Russian guns. See PA story ROYAL Charles. PA. (B/W ONLY).

1854 - Charge of the Light Brigade

In 1854, the "Charge of the Light Brigade" took place during the Crimean War as an English brigade of more than 600 men charged the Russian army, suffering heavy losses. The event inspired Lord Tennyson's poem 'The Charge of the Light Brigade', and even a classic heavy metal number 'The Trooper' by the band Iron Maiden. 

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