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Vladimir Putin’s Secret Police Hunting Model Put on Most Wanted List for Alleged Slander

Knewz 3/24/2023 Joshua Wilburn

The ex-wife of Vladimir Putin’s ex son-in-law is the latest entry on the Russian president’s Most Wanted list. Mad Vlad put a warrant out for her arrest after the model made alleged “slanderous offences.”

(MEGA / Instagram – Zhannasamalova108) © Knewz (MEGA / Instagram – Zhannasamalova108)

According to the Kremlin allied publication Moskovskij Komsomolets, Zhanna Shamalova is being hunted down for slander under Russia’s criminal code, although they never specify what slanderous comments landed her in such hot water.

The charges were made after a nearly year-long investigation into the model’s public comments.

Zhanna was married to billionaire Kyrill Shamalov, Putin’s former son-in-law who was previously married to the oligarch’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova.

(Instagram – Zhannasamalova108) © Knewz (Instagram – Zhannasamalova108)

Russian news outlet MK reached out to the model for a response to the arrest warrant and she appeared to be completely unaware of any charges brought against her.

Her lawyer claimed, “For the first time I hear from you.”

“The contacts and address of the place of residence of my trustee are at the disposal of law enforcement agencies: she applied to various departments with statements, this information is also available in the courts,” the lawyer continued. “We have not received any calls, messages, notifications, subpoenas or letters.”

(MEGA) © Knewz (MEGA)

The model’s legal team claim that her mailbox is checked regularly and that they were never contacted nor took part in any investigation involving their client.

After hearing of the arrest warrant for the first time, Shamalova took to her Instagram to post a tongue in cheek threat to the Russian police in a story.

She wrote, “Catch me if you can.”

(Instagram – Zhannasamalova108) © Knewz (Instagram – Zhannasamalova108)

The model followed up the story with an image of her wearing a sleek red dress on a balcony overlooking the sea with the caption, “The moment I get scared, I will lose.”

“I will lose to the Demons who, after taking my life, my honor, my faith, my soul, my heart, will become stronger to sin and do their evil work on this earth!”

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