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Vladimir Putin Using Poison Against Ukrainian Troops That Leaves Victims 'Drowning' & 'Frothing At The Mouth'

Radar Online logo Radar Online 12/23/2022 Radar Online
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Vladimir Putin’s poison of choice to use against enemy Ukrainian forces reportedly leaves its victims “frothing at the mouth” before they drown in their own fluids, has learned.

The poison, named Novichok, reportedly become a favorite of Putin’s even before he first invaded Ukraine ten months ago.

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According to Daily Star, the now 70-year-old Russian leader first used the deadly chemical in 2018 when he ordered it to be used against notorious double agent Sergei Skripal.

Although the chemical agent is widely condemned due to the devastating condition it leaves its victims, Putin has allegedly been advised to use the poison against Ukrainian civilians to spread fear across the war-torn nation.

“It’s a nerve agent that works by interfering with signaling between nerves and other target organs like the heart and lungs,” biochemist Dr. Bradbury told Daily Star regarding Novichok. “When people are exposed to this they have frothing mouths because they make lots of saliva and all the secretions in the airways get turned up.”

“People start drowning in their own fluids and the heart rate goes completely out of whack because of the interference with the neural regulation,” the doctor continued. “It’s a really nasty chemical.”

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Dr. Bradbury further suggested Putin is likely to begin using the deadly chemical in Ukraine as he becomes ever increasingly more desperate to squash the Ukrainian defense that Russia has largely failed to conquer.

“It stays around for a long time. It’s really hard to detect - one of the problems after the Salisbury issue was the clean-up of the decontamination,” Dr. Bradbury said regarding the use of the chemical against Skripal four years ago.

“It stays in the area for years and years. It just hangs around, it breaks down very slowly and you don’t know where it is, it’s clear, it’s colorless, it’s odorless, and unless you’re right on top of it you could be fine,” he added. “Millimeters away and you’re perfectly safe, but another few millimeters and you could die.”

As previously reported, Putin has had a penchant for deploying poison against his rivals for decades.

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Most recently, the Russian strongman ordered Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny to be poisoned with the Novichok nerve agent in August 2020.

Although Navalny survived the assassination attempt, he was left in critical condition and was forced to remain hospitalized for more than one month as he recovered from the poisoning.


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