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Wunder: Trash Talking My Way to the Top | Esports Stories

League of Legends trash talk master Wunder has been coming up with LoL jokes and LoL memes for years. After playing for teams like SK Gaming, Splyce, and Team Dignitas EU, Wunder eventually ended up on G2 Esports where his League of Legends trash talking really came into its own. Now the Fnatic top laner has joined Dexerto to talk about the best Wunder trash talk moments such as his LoL MSI prediction, and the Wunder what is going on MS Paint meme. FNC Wunder also talks about going to LoL Worlds, the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, playing World of Warcraft and why he got to be such a good trash talker in the first place. Dexerto League of Legends offers a variety of video content, including the best LoL moments, League of Legends documentaries, LCS analysis, original LoL shows & and trending League news from around the scene. Dexerto's LoL content focuses around huge names, such as: Faker, Perkz, Rekkles, Doinb, Doublelift, Bjergsen, TheShy, Uzi, Zven, Caps, Bengi, Bdd, Sneaky & Piglet, from huge orgs such as Gen.G, TOP, Fnatic, JD, Invictus, FPX, Cloud9, G2 & T1. Join our growing LoL community as we provide top quality League content from the season's start to finish. Get involved in our YouTube Community polls, give us your opinions & start debates on either our community posts or via our video comment sections! #LeagueOfLegends #Wunder #Fnatic #LEC #G2 #G2Esports #MSI #MSI2022 #MidSeasonInvitational #LoL #LoLEsports #TrashTalk #Esports Faker: "I Can't Wait for REVENGE on caPs!" | MSI 2022 Interview: The Jungle: Is MSI the Worst Esports Format EVER?! | LoL Esports Review: G2 vs. T1 | 2022 MSI Rumble Stage Day 4 | G2 Esports vs. T1: LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST, THE JUNGLE: ► Spotify: ► Apple Podcasts: ► Google Podcasts: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNELS: ► Dexerto Originals - ► Influenced by Dexerto - ► Dexerto CS:GO - ► Dexerto League of Legends - ► Dexerto Call of Duty - ► Dexerto VALORANT - FOLLOW DEXERTO ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ► Twitter - ► TikTok - ► Instagram - ► Facebook - WITH THANKS: Fnatic SOURCES: G2 - Perkz - WunderLoL - Riot Games - LoL esports - G2 - Korizon esports -
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