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Georgia school posts affirmations on bathroom walls to motivate students to greatness

WXIA-TV Atlanta logo WXIA-TV Atlanta 11/6/2018 Shiba Russell

COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- It's no secret, kids all across the country are feeling more anxious and overwhelmed when it comes to getting homework and other tasks done.

There's one local high school determined to empower students in an unusual place. If you go into some of the bathrooms at Walton High School in Cobb County, it's hard to miss the affirmations on the wall.

"It sends a wave of love out to the school," said Amy Hattori.

Teacher Julie Brown helped select, cut and post the decals at the school, at the new principal's request.

"I tried to choose the brightest colors I could find to really get everyone's attention," she said.

"I think anything we can do to build them up and make them realize how important they are how special they are is what we need to do," Principal Catherine Mallanda said.

Students say the positive reinforcements along the walls are good for motivation.

"We're all stressed out about college applications and scholarships so to see those messages in the bathroom it actually just made my day," said Senior Class President William Ellsworth.

"I think it's important because when you're looking through the mirror you can see them in the reflection the quotes saying like be yourself be happy with who you are because you're beautiful in everything you do in yourself," said Hannah Casey, a senior. "That's all that matters."


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