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A 7-year-old got a nuke in Warzone 2 and he is most likely already a better player than you

Dot Esports 1/11/2023 Scott Duwe
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Detonating a nuke in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is one of the most difficult tasks a player can currently attempt in the battle royale game, but that didn’t stop a seven-year-old gamer from doing it live on Twitch recently.

The young gamer goes by the name of Taj, and his father is a Twitch streamer named TheGigaDad. The father-son duo pulled off the difficult task yesterday and TheGigaDad posted the clip on Twitter in what can only be described as both impressive and unbelievably wholesome.

In the clip, TheGigaDad and Taj finish off the detonation sequence of the bomb and begin celebrating in adorable fashion. TheGigaDad is as proud as can be, high-fiving his second-grader son, and Taj is relishing in the moment of the genuine gaming accomplishment.

Nukes in Warzone 2 are no joke. Players must first win five games in a row to unlock a contract to begin assembling a nuclear weapon. Once the contract is obtained, players must then finish a set of tasks while being marked on the screen of every enemy player in the lobby.

Many streamers who get paid to play the game professionally have tried and failed to obtain nukes, so this is truly a feat to be proud of for both TheGigaDad, Taj, and the rest of the squad they played with.

While TheGigaDad is the one who posted the clip, the real star of the show is Taj, and he definitely feels like one, as evidenced by a DM between the streamer and content creator Jake Lucky.

“When I dropped Taj off at the bus stop, he told me he’s excited to tell his friends about the nuke,” TheGigaDad said in the DM, which Lucky posted on Twitter.

You should be excited, Taj. You’re already a way better Warzone 2 player than the majority of those who’ve downloaded the game.

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