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All maps and extraction points in Escape from Tarkov

Dot Esports logo Dot Esports 11/23/2021 Jalen Lopez
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Escape from Tarkov is one of the most intense and difficult first-person shooters around. The unforgiving game drops players into various maps as they gather loot and attempt to escape without being killed by other players or Scavs. Tarkov doesn’t hold your hand in any way and doesn’t provide any map for you to reference by default. This can be daunting for new players learning the ropes, but thankfully the Tarkov community has helped ease the pain.

There are currently seven available maps in Escape from Tarkov. Each map has a unique layout and extraction points players must learn if they want to succeed. Third-party maps are available for each map, allowing players to track their movement and identify the closest extraction point. You’ll eventually learn the ins and outs of every map, but don’t be afraid to have these images on hand in case of emergencies.

Escape from Tarkov receives consistent updates, and these maps might not accurately reflect the current versions of each area. Use them as a reference instead of your sole guide when moving around each map. Here is a list of all maps and extraction points in Escape from Tarkov to help you escape with your precious loot in your next run.


Image via Paulriisk © Provided by Dot Esports Image via Paulriisk

Customs is one of the most popular maps in Escape from Tarkov and is likely one of the first maps you’ll explore. This large map is full of buildings and structures, but remember, enemies could be lurking anywhere. It might be best to avoid the gas station if you’re new, since multiple Scavs spawn here. Also, prepare for a fight when exploring the dorms; this is a hotspot for players.


Image via Lorathor © Provided by Dot Esports Image via Lorathor

Interchange features a large mall in the center of the map, perfect for close-quarter combat. Traversing the mall’s interior is dangerous, especially if playing alone. But players can find decent loot scattered throughout the building, and the outside area is worth exploring.


Image via Джонни тушонка © Provided by Dot Esports Image via Джонни тушонка

Factory is one of the smallest maps in Escape from Tarkov and one of the most hectic. This map has a short time limit and a smaller player size, perfect for quick engagements and short runs. Don’t be surprised if your first run is a disaster—veteran players have mastered this claustrophobic area.

The Lab

Image via Fatalbullethit © Provided by Dot Esports Image via Fatalbullethit

The Lab is one of the most diificult maps to master in Escape from Tarkov. This underground facility is full of powerful Scavs alongside other players. Studying a map before loading in is crucial for success, since learning on the fly can result in disaster. Take a second to locate your extraction points before venturing into the labs.


Image via Monkimonkimonk © Provided by Dot Esports Image via Monkimonkimonk

Shoreline is another large map with significant outdoor areas peppered with a few large buildings. Traversing open areas is dangerous, so move quickly to avoid being an easy kill for a camping enemy. Also, take a look at the general layout of each building before entering to identify loot spots and the closest escape routes.


Image via Photoready © Provided by Dot Esports Image via Photoready

Reserve takes place in the “secret Federal State Reserve Agency” that is rumored to have an abundance of resources. This map does have its fair share of high-tier loot, but escaping with it is no easy task.


Image via Jindouz © Provided by Dot Esports Image via Jindouz

Woods is a peaceful outdoors map with minefields and snipers. Knowing the map before starting the run should be a requirement, since walking into a minefield by accident is a real possibility. This map can also feel like a maze if it’s your first time, adding another level of difficulty besides surviving. Keep this map open until you understand how to maneuver around it with ease.

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