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All NPC Characters that give Bounties in Fortnite

GamePur logo GamePur 4/21/2021 Aidan O'Brien
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Bounties are a great way to earn additional Gold Bars while playing Fortnite. In previous season, almost every NPC on the map offered bounties, but in Chapter 2 Season 6, the number has been reduced considerably.

There are now five characters that will offer bounties to players, and they can complete them to earn additional Gold Bars, or finish up challenges.

  • Gutbomb – The Durr Burger Resturaunt
  • Ragnarok – at the beach to the west of Holly Hedges
  • The Reaper – at the mansion on the west coast
  • Splode – at the shack on the island to the north
  • Farmer Steel – at the farm to the southwest of Steamy Stacks
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The player’s location will be marked by a large yellow circle on the map and you will need to track them down. If you manage to do it, you will get 70 Gold Bars, but if someone else manages to get there before you then you will only get 35. You can find all the bounty board locations marked on the map below.

It’s not all easy pickens, however. The target player will know that somone is after them, and you will have a limited amount of time to find them and elimation them. On top of this, the target player will be able to see three threat-tiers on the screen. The closer you are to them, the higher the threat tier. While they won’t know exactly where you are coming from, they will be on guard, and smart players might just set up a clever trap or ambush for you.

These characters are not the only way that players can get bounties, as there are also Bounty Boards that can be found all over the map.

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