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Call of Duty: Vanguard – Best tips and strategies for Sub Pens map

GamePur logo GamePur 11/6/2021 Chris Penwell
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Storing the devastating U-Boat, the Sub Pens map features plenty of short and long-range encounters throughout. With so much going on around you, it may be difficult to grasp how to do well on this level. Hopefully, we can settle those fears with this guide.

The Sub Pens has three levels of platforms, and there are four paths, two that go left and two that go right.. The top features mainly short-range combat with the opportunity to snipe from above while the middle section has mid to long-range combat on offer. Try to use a gun with a lot of flexibility like an assault rifle. We recommend the M19 4.0X Flip optic (which we put on the M1 Garand) as you can flip between a small 1.5x sight and a 4.0x scope. On top of the submarine lies a narrow path that’s very open to the left and to the right. It’s especially dangerous as the command room looms over the submarine.

Prior to playing on this map, try to unequip the Glide Bomb in the lobby before it loads. As most of the map is covered, it will be hard to get any kills with this killstreak. That goes for the mortar barrage as well or anything that’s aerial-focused. If you’re a proficient player, dogs and the flamenaut are your best bets.

To counter being shot from the command room, find a stack of wooden crates and go prone. You can also hug around the box and mount your weapon on top. The issue with this spot is that you’re completely left open on the left, so make sure to keep an eye out for that area. This might be good for a short-term engagement while defending B from players in the command room.

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The command room is one of the most popular spots on the Sub Pens map. While facing east on the compass, there’s a great hidey-hole you can peek out of. Just before you enter the command room, you’ll see a boarded-up square next to some green lockers. In this spot, you can get a wide view of the area, including the U-Boat and those coming up the stairs from the other side of the command room. You don’t have to enter the chaos of the command room to get all the spoils. We also like the spot just under the missiles as it faces foes from the other side of the map coming down the staircase.

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Just under this area is the right path that takes you down to the ground floor. To get a good view of the area while facing East, settle at a white-colored box nearby a staircase. Mount to the side of it to get a good position of the attackers coming into the area. Facing west in this area gives you significantly less options.

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While facing west in the Submarine Pen, try to find a small metal shack near the water and a bridge. Once you’re inside, you can mount your weapon on the left wall. This is a good way to snipe out those who run towards this area in the long passage way.

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On the bottom floor, you’ll find to the right of the Lower Dry Docks section, a water drainage tunnel that takes you all the way up to the spawn point. You can rack up some good kills if you manage to sneak past any soldiers that come your way. It also gives you a good entry point towards the A flag.

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