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Can you get the Touch of Malice in Destiny 2?

GamePur 8/24/2022 Zack Palm
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The Touch of Malice is a Scout Rifle exotic from the original Destiny game. It does not appear in Destiny 2 and has not since the game launched. However, many players are now speculating with the arrival of the King’s Fall raid returning to Destiny 2, Bungie might go out of their way to add this weapon for Guardians to pick up. How they go about this remains to be determined, but it could be a thing. Here’s what we know about if the Touch of Malice will appear in Destiny 2.

Is the Touch of Malice coming to Destiny 2?

We have no further details to add about this exotic weapon from what we can tell and what was shared at the Destiny Showcase. We do not know if this will be possible and if there’s a chance of this happening in the future. There could be a fun surprise after the World First happens for the King’s Fall raid, but Bungie is keeping this information tight-lipped until the World First has happened for King’s Fall. Therefore, we don’t recommend going out of your way to find this weapon. As we said, up until now, it has not appeared in Destiny 2.

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Many players are speculating the Touch of Malice could make an appearance during the Season of Plunder because it was required to have the Taken King expansion to acquire this weapon. This is also where the King’s Fall raid first appeared, and players had to battle against Oryx. From what we’ve seen of the brief King’s Fall trail, it looks like Destiny 2 players will have their chance to battle against his fearsome foe once again.

If further and concrete details appear regarding the Touch of Malice exotic, we will update this guide after completing the King’s Fall raid.

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