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Hidden Bunker Fortnite: Where to Find the Hidden Bunkers

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 1/28/2021 Seth Morrison

The Hidden bunkers in Fortnite are essential to find in order to achieve that highly-coveted victory royale. The Fortnite map is constantly changing, and recently players have discovered several hidden bunkers around the map. As of Jan. 28, there have been three hidden bunkers discovered. Here’s where they are located:

Hidden Bunker Fortnite: Where to Find the Hidden Bunkers

The three locations of the hidden bunkers are as follows:

East of Retail Row

This one is located in between two trees by a campsite on the edge of the island. Stick the coast and eventually, this bunker will be easy to find.

East of Stealthy Stronghold, on an Island

This bunker is likely the easiest to find, as it is located on a separate island. On the north of the map a second, smaller island is visible. Take a boat or swim there and then scour the island for a wooden building with a metal roof. Break the wood around it to reveal the bunker.

South of Holly Hedges in the ocean

The hardest bunker to find is at the bottom of the ocean. This one is only for players looking to find every bunker. Additionally, there is no underwater swimming in Fortnite, making it difficult to know when exactly the bunker has been reached.

These locations are by no means easy to find, especially because they aren’t labelled on the map. But they wouldn’t be “hidden bunkers” if they were easy to find. This YouTube video by “InTheLittleWood” shows off the hidden locations. What the future has in store for these bunkers is unknown, but those who have paid close attention to the Fortnite lore know that something is bound to happen.


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