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How to peek over walls in Modern Warfare 2

Dot Esports 9/18/2022 Tyler Esguerra
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With the new era of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 upon us, many players are now getting used to the new movement abilities that the developers have implemented into the 2022 version.

From swimming, dolphin diving, and more, there are plenty of different options for people when traversing the battlefield. However, one of the newest additions that could change stealthy gameplay is the ability to peek over walls with a pistol.

As part of the new vertical movement set in the game, peeking over walls can be a great way to catch enemy players off-guard by quickly popping up with a pistol to get some shots in before they can react. Additionally, it allows the peeking player to duck back down behind cover right after, giving them some defense from the incoming fire. But how does a player peek over a wall in Modern Warfare 2?

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Peeking over walls, explained

When a player wants to climb over a wall too high to mantle, they will first transition into a ledge hang, from which you can hold onto the edge and look around your surroundings. A prompt button will appear for players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC that will have them jump up to the ledge.

A user can then choose to continue moving forwards to climb over the obstacle or peek over the top of the wall they’re hanging from with their sidearm. Soldiers can also hang from helicopters if their allies can bring them close enough, providing them with a quick getaway during a firefight gone sideways.

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