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Is Gamivo a safe and legit site for game codes? Answered

Dot Esports logo Dot Esports 9/27/2021 Hannah Miller
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Gamivo is a gray market where people can sell and buy game credit, and generally speaking, users have positive experiences. The entire process is relatively straightforward, and a great deal of users come back to the site, according to nearly 20,000 reviews on Trustpilot. However, there are some factors about using Gamivo that would be prudent to consider before making a purchase on the site. 

Accidental subscriptions

Screengrab via Gamivo © Provided by Dot Esports Screengrab via Gamivo

The majority of complaints made about Gamivo are regarding their Gamivo SMART subscription. On Gamivo’s purchasing page, a subscription to Gamivo SMART is already selected. If this goes unnoticed and unchecked, buyers will wind up paying for this subscription. Some reviews claim that unsubscribing from this or getting your money back can be a difficult process with customer service. If you decide to use Gamivo and do not want to subscribe to Gamivo SMART, remember to unselect that option when checking out. 

Screengrab via Gamivo © Provided by Dot Esports Screengrab via Gamivo

Using a gray market

Similar to how users sell items on eBay, Gamivo is a platform through which users sell game credit, game codes, prepaid CD keys, and other items. The problem people have with eBay is not that eBay itself is a scam, but that scammers using the site can sometimes get away with ripping people off. 

Millions of transactions on eBay work out, but many transactions can be the results of fraud too. Gamivo also has the potential to host unknown scammers with codes or keys of unverified origin. If a seller demands too much personal information or asks for the same personal information more than once, exercise caution.

Customer Protection Program

According to Gamivo’s Terms and Conditions, all customers are protected under the Customer Protection Program. The Customer Protection Program states how Gamivo will honor buyers’ purchases. For example, if a buyer files a complaint, the Customer Protection Program states that Gamivo will “take all reasonable efforts to process a complaint… as soon as possible” and respond within 14 days of the day Gamivo receives the complaint, and that refunds will be issued within seven days of approval (Section 6.4). That being said, the Customer Protection Program is vague in what kind of action is taken in response to complaints, and it does not specify how refunds get approved. 

So, is Gamivo a safe and legit site for game codes?

Gamivo is a gray market platform for users to buy and sell game credit. Gamivo’s score on Trustpilot amounts to a 4.3, or Excellent. However, it is important to be wary of sellers who demand more than necessary personal information or the same information more than once. If you do not want to sign up for their Gamivo SMART Subscription, uncheck the box before placing your order. Like with most online shopping, using caution is always prudent. 

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