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Mirage Voyage Ship to be Removed in Apex Legends

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 6/17/2021 Ayrton Lauw

A popular point of interest (POI) in Apex Legends, Mirage Voyage, will likely be sent to the scrapyard after being beached in the game for some time.

Daniel Klein, lead game designer for Apex Legends, confirmed the scrapping commenting through a post on the game's subreddit that it's unlikely that the ship will see flight again. The post was suggesting a spot that the ship could be at if it were to become an active POI again.

The ship has been a community-favorite area, and the news comes to the dismay of players who have taken a liking to dropping in there. That said, it is currently unknown if there will be a POI that will be replaced in its place.

This wasn't the first time Klein also said that the removal of the ship was imminent. One month ago, a user on the subreddit posted a farewell to the Mirage Voyage and Klein soon replied writing that the ship was "permanently parked."

The Mirage Voyage was introduced as part of the "Mirage's Holo-Day Bash" event in the game on December 2019, where players were able to simply dance on the ship in order to unlock the Marching Orders G7 Scout skin.

This is not the first time the Mirage Voyage was subject to a removal as the dropship was likely to be removed as early as August 2020, where the community decided to host a farewell party to the ship as the game would launch its sixth season. The unofficial, player-led event asked for players to land at Mirage Voyage and keep it completely peaceful with no fighting. Loyalists to the ship were asked to stay aboard the Mirage Voyage for the duration of the match until the ring would eventually kill all the players on the ship as part of a "part of the ship, part of the crew" pact.


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