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Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale quest guide

GamePur logo GamePur 6/23/2021 Chris Compendio
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Captain Jack Sparrow is lost in the Sea of the Damned, having tried to obtain a precious treasure essential in saving the Sea of Thieves from Davy Jones. The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life will take you through a dangerous underwater environment as you search for the Black Pearl, the famous pirate ship that may be your only hope in this long journey.

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Your first step will be to vote for The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale at the Castaway’s Camp — the Castaway will sum up the story and tell you you find the Pearl. In your quest inventory is a book, and pages 6 and 7 will contain a map for where you have to go. You will sail to the far southwest corner of the map, directly southwest of Discovery Ridge and west of Old Salts Atoll — be on the lookout for a blue light beaming to the sky. As you are probably starting from a random outpost, your travel time may vary, and keep in mind that you may encounter other players on your way.

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A rousing music cue will signal your proximity to the site, and you’ll spot a pile of floating debris covered in coral. Supply up on your ship and prepare to take a dive. Jump into the water and swim below, following a trail of debris. Don’t worry about running out of air, even as you swim deeper — there will be coral releasing air bubbles that you can breathe in. Continue following the path and listen to the wonderful vocals that accompany you, and you’ll make it to the Black Pearl wreckage.

Ship of Freedom

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Swim to the front of the top deck, and you will find an opening leading to the lower decks. Swim through and hit prompts to move debris in the way. At the back of the ship, you will see a dormant Ocean Crawler holding the key to the captain’s quarters — take the key from its clutches, and swim out the way you came in. On the top deck, swim to the back of the ship and open the door to the captain’s quarters. Inside, you’ll find Jack’s Compass on a table. If you remember the Pirates of the Caribbean films, this compass points to your heart’s desire.

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Follow the direction of the compass — if the compass is acting rather erratically, you may not be swimming low enough and will have to go deeper until you find a cavern covered with coral.

Strange Awakenings

Once you swim up the cavern and find air, you will see a mermaid statue to the left and a glowing round orb to the right that acts as a switch. The mermaid statue can let you return to your ship, or go back to any previous checkpoints. Hit the orb with a weapon to progress through the barrier and swim through the next cavern.

Ahead are Siren statue puzzles where you must raise the water level to progress — we’ve run into glitches or occasions with outside player interference where the water has already risen. But the basic principle here is that you must manipulate three smaller Siren statues by hitting them with a weapon to have them match artwork on the wall. These statues are holding a trident in one hand and another distinct object in their other hand — they are each holding their trident in either a low, middle, or high position, so hit all of these statues to have them correspond to the artwork. After that, hit the larger Siren statue standing in the center, and the statues will sing, raising the water level.

This guide is in progress.

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