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Where to get the Gilded Mikoshi mount in Final Fantasy XIV

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There are several new mounts and collectibles for Final Fantasy XIV players to unlock with patch 5.5. With several new dungeons, events, and collection rewards, keeping track of the many unique rewards can be a little tricky. One of the bigger mounts that players will be hunting down is the Gilded Mikoshi mount. It’s costly to purchase, but for some players, it’s a worthwhile investment.

The Gilded Mikoshi mount is not tied to one of the new dungeons, raids, or achievement rewards. Instead, it’s entirely based on your spending gil, specifically, 50 million gil. If you have that amount of money sitting in your inventory, and you’re at a loss of what to do with it, you can make your way over to a Luxury Trader to unlock this luxurious mount.

There are several luxury traders you can speak with in Final Fantasy XIV. An easy one we recommend to visit that is easy to locate is in Mor Dhona. They are in the far back in Revenant’s Toll inside Rowena’s House of Splendors. In the back, speak with Edelina. Her exact coordinates are X:22.1 Y: 4.9.

Pick the purchase luxuries option, and the only option available will be the Gilded Mikoshi Flute. It will only be available for 50 million gil. Once you purchase the item, you can use the Gilded Mikoshi Flute to summon your Gilded Mikoshi mount and use it to take you flying all over the region. It’s nearly the same price as a large house with your company, or you can use your gil for the mount.

Other than the price tag of this item, there’s really nothing special about the Gilded Mikoshi. It does have a consistent animation of gil bursting out of the item, which fits the price.

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