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Who is the Smartest Fortnite Player?

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 5/7/2021 Ayrton Lauw

Who is the smartest Fortnite player?

When it comes to competitive Fortnite, its most contentious arguments from the community can be based around who are the best players to ever grace the game. With so many players that are mechanically skilled at the game, there is one player who equipped with the skill and knowledge that stands above the rest.

Who is the Smartest Fortnite Player?

FaZe Clan's Timothy "Bizzle" Miller is arguably the smartest player when it comes to competitive Fortnite. If Bizzle is in the zone and the luck is on his side, he can be unstoppable.

One major aspect to note is how consistent he is as a player, although his latest tournament results have shown a less-than-stellar performance since he's been teaming up with Cody "Clix" Conrod and Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf. Regardless, Bizzle as a solo player shows moments of brilliance when he does play.

His knowledge of the game is often touted by the community, and even his squad partner Clix, as having a "huge brain." It's hard to say that he has the best mechanical skill when talking about other pro players, however, his aim coupled with an efficient style pushes him towards the top.

Bizzle likes to craft his gameplay based on what other people are doing, in which he likes to scout out what others are doing before making his move. This strategy of play isn't necessarily innovative, but he relies on his fundamentals and game sense in order to come out on top in the end.

He also tends to be an in-game leader while he plays with his trio in tournaments. Most of the decisions that lead to victories in all of the tournaments they've played have usually been started with plays that came from Bizzle's orders.

Though his placements for the Trios Cash Cup could be better, it won't be soon before long where Bizzle will lead both Bugha and Clix towards a top spot in the championship with his squad or when he participates in upcoming solo tournaments.


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