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Lionel Messi's 2022 World Cup teammate pokes fun at Thomas Muller for infamous horror tackle

Bolavip US 4/1/2023 Martina Alcheva
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Thomas Muller's karate kick on Nicolas Tagliafico in 2018 is an illustration of how football's beautiful game can become nasty. The World Cup 2022 with Argentina apparently hasn't let go of the incident and has decided to make fun of the German forward's horror challenge.

Watching football, or any other sport for that matter, can be exhilarating and exciting. There have, however, been moments in the game's history when it took a sinister turn, leading to some of the most infamous horror fouls in football/soccer. More rules and more sportsmanship on the field are needed because of the danger these infractions pose to the players' careers.

The 2018-19 UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals encounter between Ajax and Bayern included one of the most recent and memorable horror fouls in the sport. Thomas Muller, a striker for Bayern Munich, booted Nicolas Tagliafico, then a defender for Ajax, in the head in the 75th minute.

Muller was trying to control an air ball when he failed to see the left back and accidentally clipped him on the back of the head with his studs. Even as he was shown a red card, the German plainly realized his mistake and tried to console his peer as he lay on the ground. The kick was so powerful that it created a noticeable cut on the Argentine's skull, requiring medical attention.

Watch: How has Nicolas Tagliafico reminisced of Thomas Muller's foul from 2018?

The German striker immediately followed with an Instagram apology, which included a shot of the two players in action. In his post, he expressed his regret for the events: "I am very sorry for what happened yesterday! Was not intentional. Get well soon." To which Tagliafico tweeted back that he was OK to put Muller's mind at ease. It read, "I know, I'm fine, thanks for asking! Good luck."

It's been more than four years, yet the two players are now back in contact. Recalling Muller's kung fu-style kick, Tagliafico has retweeted a video in which a girl kicks a boy in the head. "Mmm, ring any bells, Muller? Only joking, no hard feelings! The only souvenir is a top picture!", the 30-year-old Argentina international wrote.


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