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Didi Gregorius Opens Up About Potential Long-Term Future With Yankees

12up logo 12up 4/8/2018 Sam Chinitz
a man wearing a baseball hat: Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees © Elsa/GettyImages Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees

​Didi Gregorius is one of the best and most ​well-liked players on the Yankees, but his future with the team remains ​unclear for the time being.

Gregorius is a free agent following the 2019 season, and the Yankees are likely to make a run at Manny Machado during free agency in 2018 (whether they should or not), and he'll want to play shortstop with the team he ends up signing with.

Gregorius spoke about his future with the team on Sunday and reported that he would like to sign a long-term deal with the Yankees before he reaches free agency in 2019 but has yet to begin negotiating with the organization.

​​If Machado won't play third for the Yankees, the team might be better off signing Didi to a long-term deal instead. Gregorius suggested that he might give the Yankees a discount to stay with the team, and Cashman may be able to lock him up for a deal in the six year, $20 million per season range -- significantly less than what Machado is expected to make.

Though Machado is the better player (sorry, Didi), the Yankees might be better off spending their money elsewhere and keeping Didi for far less money. Gregorius hit .287 with 25 home runs and played solid defense for the Yankees last season and is talented enough to be the starting shortstop on a championship contending team. He's also the team's clear leader and de facto captain.

​That being said, money has proven to be no object to the Yankees in the past. If that is the case, signing Machado and trading Gregorius in a package for another ace while still spending on other high end free agents would ​make the Yankees nearly unstoppable.

Though Yankee fans would shudder to see that.


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