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MLB Power Rankings: The best-case scenario for all 30 MLB teams this season

Fansided 2/1/2023 Tim Boyle
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Our latest MLB Power Rankings take a look at the best-case scenario for all 30 MLB teams aside from winning a championship.

Spring is coming and with it arrives the beginning of the baseball season. There's a lot to be positive about. After looking at the worst-case scenarios in previous MLB Power Rankings, this one will flip the script and consider the best-case for every MLB team.

Because the best-case for everyone is a championship, that's the only non-option available. We will stay within the realm of possibility.

As for the rankings, they're in order of how impactful it will be on the 2023 season, how wonderful it would be to see, and what a great story it makes.

30) MLB Power Rankings: Oakland Athletics change ownership and find a new city

Nothing might change a franchise more than if the Oakland Athletics get new owners and a city to squat in. It's last on our MLB Power Rankings because this best-case scenario won't impact the 2023 season at all. Considering their roster, it's easily the best-case scenario for this storied franchise stuck in the mud.

29) MLB Power Rankings: Colorado Rockies slugger Kris Bryant stays healthy

It doesn't appear we will see the Colorado Rockies do much damage in 2023. They do have some interesting trade candidates playing on expiring contracts. Aside from a sweeping success at rebuilding, it would be great to see Kris Bryant actually stay healthy and on the field. The team signed him to be an MVP candidate. The first step toward that is staying on the field.

28) MLB Power Rankings: Detroit Tigers see Javier Baez turn things around

Another major signing that didn't payoff was the addition of Javier Baez last winter by the Detroit Tigers. His miserable season was contagious. No one on the Tigers could hit in 2022. Some signs of life in his bat are what they should be holding out for most. Maybe if he has a monster season he'll opt-out of his contract.

27) MLB Power Rankings: Kansas City Royals win the MLB Draft

The Kansas City Royals are already selling pieces weeks before spring training begins. All fans can really hope for is a victory in this year's MLB Draft. Their first pick comes up at number 8. Hopefully, along with an even better year out of Bobby Witt Jr., the Royals can add another stud to their farm system. What about a pitcher?

26) MLB Power Rankings: Cincinnati Reds have a desirable trade chip with Wil Myers

There isn't much going on for the Cincinnati Reds this year either. Wil Myers did sign with them this offseason. He could be a very desirable trade chip at the deadline. The expanded playoffs will help out the sellers. The Reds and Seattle Mariners seem to have a good relationship. Make sure they know Myers is available as soon as they need him.

25) MLB Power Rankings: San Francisco Giants spoil someone's season

What a disastrous yet bullet-dodgy offseason for the San Francisco Giants. Sure they would end up with at least one of the major free agents, they instead got Mitch Haniger and Michael Conforto. Two good hitters who have suffered through some big injuries in recent seasons, it's not exactly Aaron Judge or Carlos Correa. Their best-case scenario in these MLB Power Rankings will be to spoil someone's season. The two targets: Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres. A late-season sweep of either because Gabe Kapler over-managed his bullpen would be sweet.

24) MLB Power Rankings: Boston Red Sox start a successful one-year rebuild

Yes, the Boston Red Sox saved their offseason by extending Rafael Devers. It doesn't mean they're going to be very good this season. Fifth place has their name written all over it. A best-case scenario for them includes a successful one-year rebuild. They've done it before in recent history. The 2012 team won 69 games. The 2013 season ended with a World Series win.

23) MLB Power Rankings: Washington Nationals begin to benefit from the Juan Soto trade

The Washington Nationals are unlikely to see one of the players they acquired in last summer's Juan Soto trade to become the same type of star. That wasn't the point of the trade. They needed to get something back for him while they could. This is a year where we need to see someone like CJ Abrams look like the next great player. If the Nationals can already begin to reap the benefits of that blockbuster, it's a huge win.

22) MLB Power Rankings: Pittsburgh Pirates trade Andrew McCutchen for another future star

The Pittsburgh Pirates traded Andrew McCutchen several years ago to the San Francisco Giants. One of the players they got back was Bryan Reynolds. Talk about a savvy deal for the sellers. McCutchen's price tag is far less but finding a sleeper prospect to acquire in exchange for one of the great Pirates of all-time would be a fitting ending to his association with the team. This might be his last MLB season.

21) MLB Power Rankings: Los Angeles Angels are sold after-all

In an absolutely stunning turn of events, Arte Moreno changes his mind and does explore the sale of the Los Angeles Angels again. The former New York Mets owners got cold feet the first time Steve Cohen tried to buy a majority share. Moreno selling the Angels would have a trickle effect and possibly change the future of Shohei Ohtani.

20) MLB Power Rankings: Chicago Cubs are low-key offseason winners

The Chicago Cubs had a good yet not great offseason. Many of their signings could, however, outperform expectations. This is a club with the possibility of becoming low-key offseason winners. A huge bounceback from Cody Bellinger, a Cy Young-worthy performance out of Jameson Taillon, and Trey Mancini making teams regret passing on him would be their best-case scenario. Dansby Swanson having a career-year would be the perfect way to start his tenure in Chicago.

19) MLB Power Rankings: Tampa Bay Rays make an expensive move

We are beginning to see the Tampa Bay Rays spend more money. They're locking up players, relievers specifically, in their complicated process of trying to win without overspending. It would be fantastic to see them make an expensive move. This could mean adding a superstar player paired with a bad contract. There needs to be some sign that they won't always have to outsmart everyone else.

18) MLB Power Rankings: Miami Marlins are more than pests in the NL East

The Miami Marlins have gotten a lot better. On both sides of the ball, this is a team capable of competing. Their biggest problem is being in the National League East with three monster teams. Being more than just pests in the division is their best-case scenario. Imagine the Marlins finishing in third-place. The team that finishes behind them might not sell a single ticket in 2024.

17) MLB Power Rankings: Chicago White Sox get a lot more from Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert

Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert have so much potential. The two budding stars of the Chicago White Sox have yet to really piece together the kind of year everyone knows they can have. A big year from either one will help the White Sox now and in the future. It seems like we've been waiting forever for one of these kids to become one of the best in the league.

16) MLB Power Rankings: Atlanta Braves lock up Max Fried long-term

Max Fried is the next Atlanta Braves player who needs a contract extension. The Braves have an amazing young core signed up for the next few years. Does Fried end up going the way of Dansby Swanson? The longer Atlanta waits, the more likely it is they don't hand him a deal.

15) MLB Power Rankings; Texas Rangers starting staff is worth every penny

The Texas Rangers overhauled their pitching staff like no other team this offseason. They saw a weakness from the 2022 roster. They went out and fixed it then added another layer of tape. If each of those additions is average, they'll be worth every single penny. The Rangers just need to get into the postseason first before unleashing those starters on the world.

14) MLB Power Rankings: Baltimore Orioles win more than the last Wild Card spot

The Baltimore Orioles came close to capturing the final Wild Card spot in 2022. An even better best-case scenario for them would be to capture more than just that. After what has been a mostly underwhelming offseason, watch the Orioles earn the first or second Wild Card spot. The division is a little too ambitious right now.

13) MLB Power Rankings: Milwaukee Brewers pitching returns to its elite status

On paper, nobody may have a better rotation than the Milwaukee Brewers. The problem is everyone living up to those expectations. Through injuries and some bad performances, the Brewers didn't get quite enough from a couple of arms in 2022. In 2023, the best-case scenario for them is to have hurlers one through five put up elite numbers. The results will help them go far.

12) MLB Power Rankings: Philadelphia Phillies slugger Nick Castellanos returns to form

A lot could go well for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2023. Maybe the best thing they could see happen is for Nick Castellanos to return to his old form. Castellanos struggled mightily through the 2022 season. With Trea Turner to help out the offense a little more, maybe we see Castellanos finish top five in all three Triple Crown categories. It's an outrageous possibility for a guy who slumped through his first year in Philadelphia.

11) MLB Power Rankings: Cleveland Guardians extend Shane Bieber, signaling a change

The Cleveland Guardians can show everyone they are serious about competing by extending star pitcher Shane Bieber. They are going to have to trade him eventually if they don't lock up their star starting pitcher. In doing so, the Guardians can signal a change for the direction and reputation of their franchise.

10) MLB Power Rankings: Toronto Blue Jays overtake the New York Yankees

Passing the New York Yankees in the standings is the best-case scenario for the Toronto Blue Jays. Everyone knows the Blue Jays will be good, but most would predict it's a Wild Card spot again for them. Winning the American League East is the goal. Hanging the Mission Accomplished banner at Rogers Centre with the Yankees looking up at them would be a brilliant ending to their 2023 regular season.

9) MLB Power Rankings: Arizona Diamondbacks sneak into the postseason on Zac Gallen's back

Zac Gallen should be everyone's favorite first-time Cy Young candidate in 2023. The stud Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher can help lead them far. Imagine them bumping off a team like the San Diego Padres from the postseason. If there's one team on the rise in the National League to sneak into the postseason, it might be them.

8) MLB Power Rankings: Los Angeles Dodgers basically clinch the NL West in August

Getting a magic number down to zero in August is a little too much, even for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Let's add the word "basically" in there. Sometimes you just know it's smooth sailing through September. Being able to utterly dominate the division is the best thing the Dodgers can see happen for them in 2023. Then it's onto the playoffs where they will hope to have a happy ending.

7) MLB Power Rankings: New York Mets prove you can buy your way to the top

Can you buy a championship? New York Mets owner Steve Cohen is trying. Putting those millions to work and winning the pennant because it shows the greatest weapon the Mets will make them a threat as long as Cohen is in charge. They will always have draft picks and talent evaluators. Being able to spend your way out of trouble is artillery not every owner is willing to buy.

6) MLB Power Rankings: St. Louis Cardinals trade for then extend Shohei Ohtani

Watch out for the St. Louis Cardinals to become a midseason trade destination for Shohei Ohtani. There are a couple of reasons for it. They could use the arm in their rotation now and next season. He'd be a great DH option for them as well, allowing others to file in as depth. Any Ohtani trade does require an extension. The Cardinals should be able to afford both a trade and extension while remaining atop the list of National League contenders.

5) MLB Power Rankings: New York Yankees eliminate the Houston Astros in the ALCS

New York Yankees fans can skip dessert for a year if the 2023 season includes beating the Houston Astros in the ALCS. No pattern seems as inevitable as the Yankees losing to Houston one round away from the World Series. The best possible scenario for the Yankees would include knocking off their greatest postseason foe.

4) MLB Power Rankings: Houston Astros eliminate the New York Yankees in the ALCS, again

Aside from repeating, the best thing for the Houston Astros would do to the New York Yankees what they always do. Even after re-signing Aaron Judge, handling the Yankees batters and shutting them down in four straight games in the ALCS would officially make the Astros their daddy. The only question would be which fan updates the Wikipedia page to say Jeremy Pena owns the Yankees?

3) MLB Power Rankings: Seattle Mariners are the new team to beat in the AL West

However it can be defined, becoming the team to beat in the increasingly difficult American League West should be the goal for the Seattle Mariners. They are definitely a contender. Still staring up at the Houston Astros, the Mariners need to take the next step in becoming a true World Series contender. Two other teams in their division have gotten better. It's going to be a great fight to see these four battle it out in 2023.

2) MLB Power Rankings: San Diego Padres eliminate the Los Angeles Dodgers

Eliminating the Los Angeles Dodgers from playoff contention would give San Diego Padres fans something to gloat about. Like all teams, their mission is much bigger. Delivering the deathblow to the Dodgers is maybe the second tastiest treat for the Padres. The two play each other at Dodger Stadium in September. What a way to ruin their rival's year.

1) MLB Power Rankings: Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa plays 162 games

The Minnesota Twins land at the top of this week's MLB Power Rankings. What could be better than Carlos Correa playing all 162 games for them? After an offseason where he was sure to leave only to return because two teams were concerned about his medicals, a clean bill of health for Correa in 2023 is the best thing baseball fans who enjoy irony could hope for. He, of course, also has the game-winning hit against the New York Mets in the World Series. Send that story to Hollywood.

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