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Study reveals worst seat in Comerica Park. Any objections?

WXYT Radio Detroit logo WXYT Radio Detroit 7/14/2022

There are good seats for good prices at Comerica Park -- and tons available (!!) for the Tigers' five-game homestand coming out of the All-Star break featuring matchups with the divison-leading Twins and Manny Machado and the Padres.

But like every stadium across baseball, Comerica has bad seats, too.

The worst one out of 41,083?

That would be in the left field upper deck, according to a recent study by, "which analyzed the seating arrangements of all 30 MLB venues and determined the worst seat in each ballpark" based on factors like obstructed view, distance from home plate and proximity to concessions.

It would be Section 345, Row 20, Seat 9, to be precise.

Here's the view from that section on the Tigers' 3D seating chart:

Section 345 © Provided by WXYT Radio Detroit Section 345

Honestly, if that's as bad as it gets at Comerica Park, Tigers fans are doing alright. And it only costs $15 to sit there. The worst seat at Fenway Park, which comes with a giant pole in front of your face (pictured below), costs more than twice that. Ditto the worst seat at Wrigley Field.

Fenway Park © Provided by WXYT Radio Detroit Fenway Park

Of course, that giant pole comes with a winning baseball team.


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