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Beutler & Son Rodeo Co. brings professionalism to rodeos

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a close up of a sign: Beutler & Son Rodeo Co. brings professionalism to rodeos © Provided by Wichita Falls & Lawton KSWO-TV Beutler & Son Rodeo Co. brings professionalism to rodeos

ELK CITY, Okla. (TNN) -Rodeos would not exist without the animals.

Beutler and Son Rodeo Company has provided the livestock for the Lawton Rangers Rodeo since 1987.

It takes a lot of work to raise a world champion bareback horse like Killer Bee.

When it comes to roughstock the horse or bull gets scored, as well as the cowboy. Rhett Beutler says it’s great to see their livestock perform well.

“We make friends with all the cowboys, and there’s lots of talk going on before it ever starts,” said Rhett. “So if you ever get one of those good guys on the ground, it’s kind of a notch in your belt. But I like to see them buck a bunch of them off, but on the other hand, you like to see a high point rides.”

The Beutler name has been in Rodeo for generations. And the 5th and youngest generation, are just as much involved.

At 13 and 16 years old, Jake and Taylor Beutler have their work cut out for them.

“My whole life I’ve just really wanted to do what my dad and grandpa do, said Jake. “Just look up to them. They’ve kinda been my role models all these years.”

“I’m pretty much involved in everything around here,” said Taylor. “Like loading trucks, sorting, working everything around the pen. So I’m pretty much involved in everything.”

Beutler and Son Rodeo Company travel to rodeos across the country, going as far as Las Vegas for the National Finals. But the work doesn’t stop once their back home.

“What most don’t realize is how hard it is to do it, and how much work goes into it,” said owner Bennie Beutler. “When you’ve been gone for three weeks. Well it’s a ranch and everything. You’ve got to check the water and everything else. It’s a lot of work on the road but it’s still a ranch, it never changes. There’s always something to do.”

Being in this business has created friendships to last a lifetime.

“That’s probably the neatest thing about the rodeo business is all the people,” said Bennie. “You know somebody all over the country.”

“When you roll into each different city and rodeo, you have a different week of friends for that week,” said Rhett. “And also, I enjoy watching the young horses, from the time you put the studs with the mares and you see the baby hit the ground. Same thing with the cows and the calves, and then watching that progress which you create, watching that progress into hopefully superstars.”

There’s a sense of professionalism that comes with Beutler and Son Rodeo Company. It’s something they strive for to keep the audience coming back.

“It’s got to be a fast paced rodeo, so they don’t get bored. In this day and age, there is a lot of entertainment that you’re competing against,” said Bennie.” And to me, there isn’t anything worse than going to a rodeo that starts at 7:30 and they’re still rodeoing at 11 o’clock and everything. If you don’t have a good rodeo, then they’ll be watching their phones, they won’t be watching the rodeo.”

There are some big match ups Saturday night at final night of the Lawton Rangers Rodeo.

Three time world champion bareback rider Tim O'Connell will face off with Killer Bee of Beutler and Son Rodeo company.

The action starts at 7:30PM. Tickets are $20 at the gate.

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