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Section III boys tennis coaches poll: Who is your hardest worker? 3/28/2023 Kenny Lacy Jr.,

Syracuse, N.Y. — Section III is filled with hard-working athletes in every sport. Sometimes an athlete’s effort can go unnoticed, but that is not the case for these boys tennis players.

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At’s spring media day, we asked Section III boys tennis coaches about the hardest workers on their teams. Here are the results.

Charlie Tracy, Auburn

“(Charlie) has proven to be our hardest worker. He was a brand new player last year and he has really come to the sport. He recruited a ton of people for our team. He’s been playing constantly in the offseason and he just has really enjoyed playing in general. So he’s been a pleasant surprise for me, not just working on his game, but working on the team all around, too.” — Shelly Connors, Auburn coach

Mason Doan, Baldwinsville

“(Mason) is dedicated to tennis 24/7. We had Antonio (Marsallo) last year, who was a state qualifier, and he got to battle against him last year. And he was always learning, growing, getting better, watching tennis on TV, taking lessons. So I think Mason is probably that guy that is fairly hardworking.” — Paul Maestri, Baldwinsville coach

Logan Bronner, Chittenango

“(Logan) has probably been playing tennis for six years. Multi-sport athlete. He plays soccer, plays volleyball and tennis is his third sport. Just a great kid. He works hard. He’s always done anything. For any sport, he’s always there. He’s a committed kid. I would say he’s a kid (who works hard) and another kid that, I think, if he steps up here we should have some pretty good success.” — Brian Thoman, Chittenango coach

Timmy Mai, Brandon Nguyen, C-NS

“Both of them come to all the offseason workouts and they’re constantly pushing themselves to get better, wanting to get better, asking the right questions. They’re probably the two most coachable kids on the team. They play tennis year round.” — John Wojcik, C-NS coach

Jayce Domres, ESM

“He comes in, he really wants to work on his game. He’s never really satisfied with just playing. He wants to get better every day, and that’s the mentality you have to have in tennis. Because if you go out there and you play safe, you’re not going to get where you want to go.” — Jake Cline, ESM coach

Emily McClary, LaFayette

“We have a young lady on the boys team, Emily McClary, who’s one of the hardest workers I’ll have on the team. She’ll put the most effort in and she’ll be the one that’s the role model for the rest of the group. She a good. She’s one of those kids you can coach really well. She takes your observations and doesn’t fight you on it. She takes it to heart and then she usually materializes it. She takes her athletic ability and gets the most out of it.” — Joe Fox, LaFayette coach

Alex Fung, Kevin Fratostitanu, Abe Salomon, Manlius Pebble Hill

“They’ve worked on their games over the winter quite a bit. So those guys are really helping the team, and a lot of the kids don’t do much in the winter, but (Kevin and Abe) played second doubles last year and they made sectionals, so we want to continue that.” — Mark Dolan, MPH coach

Jake Salzhauer, Skaneateles

“(Tennis) is his only sport. He works hard. He’s improved from last year and I see the improvement. I see the effort. I see he’s got a passion for the game, so I hope he continues it and continues to have a good season with it. Just hopefully, all the work that he’s put in the offseason carries over to this season.” — George Cosentino, Skaneateles coach is ramping up its coverage of high school sports. For complete stories, statistics and free photo downloads, be sure to subscribe.

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