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The Talk - Attorney Ben Crump Says Dante Wright's Family Wants Officer Kim Porter 'held fully accountable'

Wednesday, Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump visits "The Talk" and discusses the killing of Daunte Wright. Host Elaine Welteroth asks, "Do you think this was an accident and how would you characterize what happened?" "The one big thing we know that was not an accident, was the fact that they intentionally pulled him over, even though that directive was not there," says Crump. "We often believe when they are marginalized minorities, especially Black men, that they do the most, they engage in the most excessive use of force. And so, she [Officer Kim Porter] could have given him a ticket and let it go." Crump continues, "One thing Daunte's family has expressed, is they want her held fully accountable. The fact that she turned in her resignation they feel, in some ways, isn't really fair because she gets to keep her pension and her retirement benefits and kind of just go off into the sunset while they have lost Daunte forever." He adds, "Involuntary manslaughter is the charge that she's been charged with. They contemplated between third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter, and they chose involuntary manslaughter because they think that is the charge they can prove."
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