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The Talk - Barbara Corcoran's Predictions for Post Pandemic Economy

"Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran shares her take on how the economy will bounce back as we near the end of the pandemic. "You'll think I'm smoking dope, but I'm going to be telling you that it's going to be the roaring 20's all over again. Just like the last ones after prohibition. Because that's the state that everybody is in. People are gonna spend like crazy and already started it. They're gonna live life with a revenge for living because they've missed out on so much." She adds, "Business is going to bang, jobs are going to be fabulous. We're gonna make up for all lost time." On real estate, she adds, "You know, the market is insane. It's never been more insane for 10 years, okay so it's hard to grab something. But who doesn't hate their landlord? Everybody hates their landlord, so you need to get into the game. You need to get into the game as fast as you can, because prices only go up. You've got to have a chip in the game."
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