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The Talk - Dylan McDermott Says 'Law & Order: Organized Crime' is 'complex'

Wednesday on "The Talk" Dylan McDermott reveals why he signed on to play the role of Richard Wheatley in the new "Law & Order: Organized Crime." "The great thing about 'Law & Order: Organized Crime' is that you get to go home with the bad guy. That's never happened before in the franchise of 'Law & Order' and I love that. That's why I took the show. I just thought it was so interesting and so complex to actually have time with the bad guy. You know, you go home, you meet his family, you see his workplace, you get into his psyche, and all that stuff is just interesting to me. If I was a viewer this is the show I would want to watch because you get to have time with the bad guy and that is normally not true in 'Law & Order.' You know, they find the bad guy, or they chase him, they get him and it's over, but with this, over these eight episodes that we're going to see in the first season. You really get to have a deep dive and I love that."
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