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WWE Has Already Changed Mia Yim's Name Back Again

TheSportster 11/24/2022 Josh Coulson
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Mia Yim became the latest in a series of released wrestlers to return to WWE under Triple H earlier this month. The former NXT Superstar aligned herself with The OC, and she will also compete alongside Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss at WarGames this weekend. In other Yim-related news, the returning wrestler also underwent a name change this week, or did she?

Mia Yim Or Michin?

Name changes were commonplace in WWE while Vince McMahon was in charge, but it was assumed they'd be more of a rarity now the former CEO is out of the picture. That's why it probably surprised a few fans to discover Yim would be called Michin moving forward. Korean for "crazy", Yim had revealed it to be her nickname when she returned to Raw.

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The nickname became more than that when Yim's profile was changed and announcers referred to her by the new name on Raw this week. Then, just when everyone was up to speed on Yim's new name, WWE changed it back, or at least that's how it appears. Yim is now once again Mia Yim on, and we'll have to wait and see which name announcers use when she competes at Survivor Series this Saturday.

Nicknames In The OC

When asked about the name by Fightful, Yim revealed its origins and that her mom had called her Michin since she was a child. As for why she wants to use it in WWE, the former Knockout explained that everyone else in The OC has a nickname, so it only made sense that she had one too. The thing is, no one else in the group uses that nickname as their ring name, so a complete WWE name change probably doesn't make sense.

Name changes, and more specifically reversing them, have been a hot topic in WWE since the new regime took over. Theory has got his first name back, Nikki ASH is once again Nikki Cross, and Doudrop revealed she has spoken with Triple H about potentially going by Piper Niven again like she did in NXT UK.

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