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Kevin Durant doesn’t give a bleep about your parlays

Audacy 3/9/2022 Jesse Pantuosco
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Legalized sports betting has, for better or worse, changed the way we consume sports with thousands—if not millions—of dollars riding on every play. It’s a brand-new world with popular sportsbooks like DraftKings and Caesars offering a near-endless buffet of betting options, from parlays and game totals to point spreads and player props.

Scott Van Pelt’s SportsCenter segment introduced us to “bad beats,” a misery every bettor has experienced on some level, undone by impossible circumstances often in the game’s final moments. Nets All-Star forward Kevin Durant took a backseat to Kyrie Irving (50 points) with just 14 points in Tuesday night’s win over Charlotte, a result many in the betting community were not prepared for.

With spurned bettors lashing out at him on Twitter, Durant chimed in to remind everyone how little he cares about your parlays, seemingly amused that so many lost money on his uncharacteristic 14-point dud.

Sports betting has been a hot topic of late with Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley receiving an unprecedented season-long suspension for wagering $1,500 on various parlays (including on his own team) last fall. Some found Ridley’s punishment excessive, forfeiting $11 million over what many would consider a minor indiscretion. Of course, with the league’s integrity at stake, you can understandable why the NFL put its foot down, making an example out of Ridley to prove a larger point that betting of any kind—even relatively low-stakes wagers like the ones placed by Ridley—will not be tolerated.

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