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Mario Chalmers’ LeBron James comments get pushback from JJ Redick

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Mario Chalmers made headlines for his comments that no one in the NBA ‘fears’ LeBron James. JJ Redick went on First Take to refute the statements from James’ former teammate with the Miami Heat.

“How much pain do you think he [LeBron James] has caused other players that have lost to him in the playoffs? I have the luxury because I get to talk to some oldheads on my podcast…there is some pain, some emotional pain inflicted by those losses.”

JJ Redick references the amount of defeat that has come at the hands of LeBron James over his career and the direct relation of loss to pain and pain to fear. When it comes to literal fear, to say nobody feels any against LeBron James is almost impossible.

Redick’s main argument is that NBA players work so hard, dedicate so much of their lives to the sport, that most don’t truly fear anything because it would limit them from getting to the association. With that being said, so many have worked all of their lives to just end up losing to LeBron James.

If there is any sort of reservation from an NBA player against anyone, LeBron James would be the most likely culprit. Arguably the greatest player of all time, LeBron has single-handedly dominated entire organizations.

During his tenure in Cleveland, James’ had such a successful run against Toronto, the Raptors were dubbed ‘LeBronto.’ The Raptors’ players might not have literally feared LeBron James as a person, but they undoubtedly had no enjoyment in facing his Cavaliers squad every season.

Sure, Mario Chalmers might just be offering an interesting take to get his name back in the spotlight. Meanwhile, LeBron James will continue to fight for a ring amidst an unbelievable 19th season in the NBA at 38 years old.

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