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NBA’s Jonathan Isaac Tells Fox News His Vaccine Refusal Speaks for Others: ‘Their Liberties Are Being Threatened’

Mediaite logo Mediaite 10/5/2021 Brandon Contes

In the last week, Jonathan Isaac has gone from a marginal Orlando Magic forward who only NBA fans knew much about, to the center of the Covid vaccine debate.

Joining Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream on Monday, Isaac defended his stance against getting the jab and discussed his desire to be

Despite the principle of getting vaccinated to protect others, Isaac attempted to describe his decision to refuse the jab as being part of a larger nobility.

“Part of the reason why I didn’t take the vaccine at this point in time – “I believe that the conversation is so much bigger than people who have taken the vaccine, who haven’t taken the vaccine, who have had Covid in the past and feel that natural immunity is not being spoken about,” Isaac said. “It’s really for everybody.”

95 percent of NBA players have been inoculated against Covid, but Isaac remains part of the league’s small fraction of vocal vaccine skeptics. A recent Rolling Stone report claimed Isaac chose to refuse the jab after studying Black history and watching Donald Trump press conferences, an allegation the NBA forward has since denied. Instead, Isaac says he’s not getting vaccinated because he already had Covid.

Video: Orlando Magic's Jonathan Issac pushes back on NBA vaccine policy (FOX News)


“Everybody should be free to make the decision for themselves,” the Orlando Magic forward added. “I believe that we’re entering a period in time where the government is setting a precedent that in light of any emergency, your personal autonomy, your religious freedom and your freedom as a whole becomes negotiable.”

“We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave,” Isaac told Bream. “And we have the opportunity and the platform to say what it is that we feel is right. And I’m taking that right to do so, not just for me, but for all of those people who feel like they don’t have a voice and feel like their rights, their liberties are being threatened.”

The 24-year-old NBA forward has stated that he is not “anti-vax,” despite refusing the vaccine for himself. Isaac also addressed how his Christian faith is guiding his vaccine decision. “We all make mistakes. As men, people mess up on medicine all the time…” Isaac told Bream. “At this point in time, it really does drive home that my trust is in Jesus.”

Watch above via Fox News

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