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25 best college football stadiums to watch a college football game

Fansided logo Fansided 11/27/2020 Nick Villano
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Penn State Nittany Lion fans: (Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports)

Ranking the 25 best college football stadiums to watch a college football game, including the homes of the LSU Tigers and Ohio State Buckeyes.

There are 130 FBS college football teams and much like their college football stadiums, they are not judged equally. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Some only hold around 15,000 fans (like Jerry Richardson Stadium in Charlotte, NC), while others hold a lot more (Michigan Stadium holds 107,000). Some college teams play in NFL stadiums (Pitt plays at Heinz Field, Miami plays at Hard Rock Stadium, and Temple playing at Lincoln Financial Field are just a few examples). Others break the budget just to put a stadium on campus.

The stadium can change the atmosphere for a college football team. Sometimes deep within a community, the stadium is the one place where everyone gets together. The stadium is usually an extension of the campus and community where the team plays. Eight stadiums have 100,000-plus capacity. All of them are in communities that live, eat, and breathe football.

When putting together a list of the best stadiums in the country, there are a lot of factors that come to mind. There's a feeling to it. The best stadiums make your jaw drop. Then, there are the stadiums that have just a wonderful atmosphere. Some have a beautiful skyline that can be seen from your seats. Others add in cool amenities or historic locations that are perfect for your Instagram profile.

This is looking at those college stadiums that are just different. They stand out from the rest.

Best college football stadiums ranked

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Husky Stadium (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

25. Husky Stadium, Washington

What would one want from a stadium in the Pacific Northwest? A scenic overlook? Check. A building seemed with a century of history? Check. (Husky Stadium's 100th anniversary is this year.) A giant lake right outside its doors that can be seen from your seats? Check. A successful college football program? That can't be promised.

It originally only fit around 30,000 people, but now it fits more than 70,000 after multiple renovations. When it's full, it's one of the best atmospheres in college football. The fans don't always sell out which is upsetting, but it's what happens when a program has its good times and bad times.

The best part of Husky Stadium is people can literally tailgate on Lake Washington. People hang out on the boat, part it somewhere, and then go see the Washington Huskies play ball. Driving to the stadium is an experience itself, as the stadium pops out of nowhere behind the trees.

There are a lot of fun traditions that the Huskies claim. Apparently, the crowd wave was done here on Halloween 1981, which Huskies fans will say is what caused the phenomenon. Some might see that as something that hurts this stadium's score, but it's definitely influential.

Another weird thing that's actually really cool is there is this metal roof that covers the fans from the elements. Whether it's raining, snowing, or the beating sun in September, getting some shade to help from the elements is nice for those on the upper deck.

Next: Sun Devil Stadium
a bridge over a body of water: Arizona State Sun Devils © Provided by Fansided Arizona State Sun Devils

Sun Devil Stadium

24. Sun Devil Stadium, Arizona State

Sun Devil Stadium is underrated, but it can get wild when the team is good. Arizona State isn't considered a "football school", but the stadium makes it feel like it could be a football school. The student section gets hyped for each and every Pac 12 game.

The stadium literally sits between two mountains. Again, this stadium sits between mountains. How is this stadium underrated? Looking up at Arizona mountains to see a football game sets the scene for a big matchup. It's another stadium that started with a capacity of around 30,000, but now it can fit more than 70,000 people.

Let's go back to that ridiculous student section. Nicknamed "The Inferno", the student section puts on a show every week. They fill up the south side of the stadium, and they put the opponents on their heels. Only The Inferno can make yellow look intimidating.

It's been home to a Super Bowl, a National Championship Game, multiple Fiesta Bowls, and even a visit by the pope. There is history in this building, and now Sun Devils everywhere hope they can make new history. Hopefully, Sun Devil Stadium will get its due soon.

Next: Milan Puskar Stadium
a group of people on a field: West Virginia Mountaineers © Provided by Fansided West Virginia Mountaineers

Milan Puskar Stadium (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

23. Milan Puskar Stadium, West Virginia

Speaking of underrated stadiums, Milan Puskar Stadium is one of the hardest places to play for opponents in the Big 12. The horseshoe shape is perfect to look at up the beautiful West Virginia skies. There may not be the traditional Country Roads that John Denver was singing about on the way there, but the tailgates outside a WVU game are legendary.

The stadium says it only seats 60,000, but they will fit closer to 70,000 for big games against Oklahoma and Texas. When it's packed to the gills, there aren't a lot of sports experiences like it. Give us a back-and-forth game with Oklahoma, and the sound coming from the stadium is resounding.

The original stadium was right on campus, which could be a problem with Mountaineer fans. They can get rowdy after big wins and big losses. It's probably better they put it near the secondary campus. That might take away from other teams, but for WVU it's best for everyone they moved it.

Morgantown is an interesting spot for a football team with a fanbase the size of the Mountaineers. There isn't a traditional airport, but Morgantown airport is expanding flights. It does make it a little complicated to get to the stadium when fans have to fly into Pittsburgh, which slightly hurts its ranking.

Still, whether it's the Gold Rush, Stripe the Stadium, or just a traditional Big 12 game, going to Milan Puskar Stadium is an absolute must for every football fan's bucket list. Get there early to get a view of the craziness that happens before the game.

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a stadium full of people: Wisconsin Badgers © Provided by Fansided Wisconsin Badgers

Camp Randall Stadium: (Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports)

22. Camp Randall Stadium, Wisconsin

Now Wisconsin's stadium gets props for being right on campus. It sits on the grounds of an old Civil War camp called Camp Randall, thus the name. The football team has been playing on these grounds since the 1800s. It's an insane amount of time for one team to be playing in the same place. It's the oldest stadium in the Big Ten Conference which is home to a bunch of old stadiums.

A lot has happened since the stadium rebuilt the bleachers after they literally collapsed in 1915 and then burned down in 1922 (a lot happened at this stadium in the early years). They added something called the "Fifth Quarter" which is the marching band putting on a show for 20 minutes after the game is over. It's also held concerts for huge musical acts like Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and U2.

The stadium holds more than 80,000 fans, most of which are donning the red and white that makes it one of the cooler flyovers in college football. Just a sea of red covers the stadium seats. The bowl shape of Camp Randall Stadium gives you a very cool feel when sitting in the stadium. It seems pretty simple, but with so many stadiums getting complicated, it's nice to have that historic feel of Camp Randall Stadium.

Memorial Park makes the pregame stretch to the stadium awesome. It's six acres of foliage that changes with the season. As it starts to feel like football weather in Wisconsin, it's a real sight to see. Camp Randall is one of the most special pieces of history for the state of Wisconsin.

Next: Folsom Field
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Colorado Buffaloes football on Folsom Field: (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)

21. Folsom Field, Colorado

Folsom Field literally allows fans to get a view of the Rocky Mountains while watching a football game. There is just something special about seeing that majestic sight while football plays down below. Maybe that's why the Buffaloes have struggled as they have.

The noise levels for a stadium as small as Folsom Field shouldn't reach too high, but maybe it's the mountain air or the enclosure on top of a hill, but when things are going Colorado's way, it's deafening. That's underrated about the stadium. Again, it's probably because those mountains are just so distracting.

The stadium is more than a mile above sea level. It's the highest elevation for a Power 5 school in the country (Wyoming and Air Force of the Mountain West are the only ones higher).

It's honestly a shame the team isn't better. Colorado rarely sells out. They seem to sell out one game every two or three years. If they could actually put a good team on the field and the coaches didn't run to the first program with a big checkbook (looking at you Mel Tucker), then Folsom Field would be considered one of the coolest college football destinations in the country.

Next: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum: (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

20. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, USC

Here this starts to hit the truly historic stadiums around college football. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has been home to some of sports' biggest moments since it was built in 1923. It's been home to the Los Angeles Rams and Raiders of the NFL, the Los Angeles Dodgers of the MLB, and in 2028 it will be the first stadium to hold three different Olympic event years. It was also the temporary home of the UCLA Bruins. There aren't many places that have been home to the Super Bowl, Olympics, and the World Series. It's also seen appearances by six different presidents, Pope John Paul II, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Dalai Lama. This stadium is a living version of the city it calls home.

The bread and butter of the Coliseum is USC Trojans football. It's been home to the Trojans for close to 100 years, and after signing a new 98-year lease in 2013, it looks like they'll come close to 200 years in the same stadium.

The self-proclaimed "Greatest Stadium in the World" has a lot of traditional amenities as well. It holds 76,000 people after renovations actually made seats wider and cut capacity. The good thing about recent renovations is getting some of the best scoreboards in football. The Coliseum boasts two HD video screens on the east side.

Still, the reason the Coliseum makes the list is just the history fans feel just walking in. There's something about going here, and just feeling a century of history with every step. There is no other stadium on this list where more important events happened, not only in sports but in history in general.

Next: Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium
a stadium with people in front of a crowd: Oklahoma Sooners © Provided by Fansided Oklahoma Sooners

Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

19. Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Sooners have been one of the better teams in college football as of late, winning the Big 12 Conference every year since 2015 and making the College Football Playoff in four out of the last six years. They get a lot of credit for what they do on the field, but the field they play on doesn't always get its due.

This is another stadium that's coming up to its 100th anniversary, but renovations in 2019 make it one of the most updated stadiums in the country. It has stadium-wide WiFi, bringing students and fans more connected as they watch their Sooners play. They continue to make renovations, but most importantly they replaced serious infrastructure flaws that cost millions in repairs over the years. Now, there are plenty of new seats and a lot of new restrooms and concession options.

The one thing that will stand out about Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is the scoreboard. It is a ridiculous 31 feet tall and an even more ridiculous 166 feet wide. It stands over the entire stadium, with numbers so big even grandpa can see them from his seat. The Sooners don't have the largest scoreboard by square feet, but the sheer length of it really stands out.

Two 3,000 square foot open-air plazas give fans a perfect view of the field and allow for more fans to get standing-room-only seating during the biggest games of the season. Even when it's just used as an extra amenity, it gives people room to watch the game without being stuck to their seats.

Next: Sanford Stadium
a large stadium filled with people watching: Georgia Bulldogs © Provided by Fansided Georgia Bulldogs

Sanford Stadium: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

18. Sanford Stadium, Georgia

Sanford Stadium is one that the University of Georgia has meticulously edited over the years to make it the perfect scene for one of college football's most exciting fanbases. If you are one of the 92,000 people who get to catch a Bulldogs night game, seeing the sunset over the rolling hills on the west side of the stadium, then you know what this stadium provides in terms of ambiance.

The most interesting part about Sanford Stadium is the hedges. Yes, hedges. The field is surrounded by 5,000 square feet of Chinese privet hedges. It's just something that makes football in the South interesting. There seems to be a connection between greenery and football here. It's one of the most unique on-field attractions in college football. Those shrubs were planted in 1929 and they survived movement for renovations and the Olympics, and also a parasitic nematode in the 90s.

The funny thing about Sanford Stadium is it was created to rival Georgia Tech's stadium. Before Sanford was built, they had to play all of their rivalry games at Grant Field. Now, close to 100 years later, the Bulldogs are one of the premier programs in college football and the Yellow Jackets are still trying to build something of this program.

Sanford Stadium is one of the few stadiums that also doubles as a burial ground. The remains of every Uga mascot are there to be visited by Georgia fans every game.

Next: Jordan–Hare Stadium
a stadium full of people with Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in the background: Auburn Tigers © Provided by Fansided Auburn Tigers

Jordan-Hare Stadium. (Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images)

17. Jordan–Hare Stadium, Auburn

Another great SEC stadium, Auburn's home is one of the best in the nation. It all starts with that all famous fly over from the War Eagle that comes before every home game at Jordan-Hare Stadium. It started as a simple field in the mid-1930s with just 7,500 seats (although capacity was more than double that technically). After more than half a dozen expansions, the stadium can now fit 87,000 from all across Alabama and the country.

The Tigers football team is steeped in tradition and so is its stadium. There have been many rivalry games played here, even if Alabama somehow skirted going to Auburn until the 1980s. It's the tenth-largest on-campus stadium in the entire country. It's been called a "grand cathedral" to football in the South.

Something unique about Auburn's stadium is instead of being on the outskirts of campus or in a completely different location, Jordan-Hare Stadium is right smack dab in the middle of everything. It's the heartbeat of that campus, with students walking past it all day as they go to class.

The Tiger Walk is one of the coolest traditions in college football. Fans on campus come out in the hundreds and sometimes thousands to follow the football team on their walk from the Athletics Complex down Donahue Drive to Jordan-Hare Stadium. Honestly, even if you're not an Auburn fan, the Tiger walk is something every good football fan should experience once in their lifetime. Maybe this is something outside of the stadium itself, but the atmosphere it provides to start helps it reach new heights once people get inside the stadium itself.

Next: Autzen Stadium
a group of people standing in front of a building: Oregon Ducks © Provided by Fansided Oregon Ducks

Autzen Stadium (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

16. Autzen Stadium, Oregon

So, how often does one get to see the school's mascot lead the team on the field on a motorcycle? Sure, that doesn't have much to do with Autzen Stadium itself, but it might be the coolest tradition that the Oregon Ducks do before a big game. While Autzen Stadium doesn't have the pure age that some of the other stadiums on the list have (which will be a theme for some of the stadiums on the west coast against the stadiums in the South.

Also, the official capacity of around 60,000 might be one of the smaller stadiums on the list, but it can still be the most intimidating place in the Pac 12. The way the stadium was built, puts the fans very close to the actual game. There's of course the "Autzen Bounce" which has been described by opponents as the sound coming from the top of the stadium and literally bouncing off the field. Star players have admitted that the noise actually got under their skin.

Then, there's the video board. Installed this year, it's one of the newest amenities in all of college football. The $12 million video board and sound system put Oregon above the rest. It surpasses Auburn's video board as the largest in college football. The video board is so big, they actually put a board on the other side so they can send messages to people entering the stadium.

The stadium isn't a living museum like other stadiums across the country, but the way it was built makes it one of the best experiences in college football. Oregon spent good money to get the most bang for its buck.

Next: Neyland Stadium
a group of people standing in front of a building: Tennessee Volunteers © Provided by Fansided Tennessee Volunteers

Neyland Stadium (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

15. Neyland Stadium, Tennessee

Maybe it's been a long time since Tennessee has been one of the premier college programs in the land, but that doesn't take away from the tradition that is Volunteers football. Rocky Top. Running through the T. The Pride of the South Marching Band. Then, of course, there's The Rock. Probably the second most famous noun to hold that name next to Dwayne Johnson, The Rock has been a beacon for messages of glory for Volunteers across decades. This includes on gameday when Tennessee fans write messages on the way to Neyland Stadium.

As for the stadium itself, another building coming up on 100 years of service to the community. Since then, the college has expanded 16 different times, setting the capacity now at 102,000 students and fans. It's consistently ranked as one of the best stadiums in the sport and one of the best experiences for fans and visitors alike.

Neyland Stadium is one of the true two-tiered stadiums in the country. Instead of an extra set of bleachers or seats in the middle of the field, the bleachers stretch around the bowl of the stadium.

The Tennessee fans need to see a better season on the field, but at least they get to see it in a great stadium.

Next: Kyle Field
a sign in front of a crowd: Texas A&M Aggies © Provided by Fansided Texas A&M Aggies

Kyle Field: (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

14. Kyle Field, Texas A&M

Kyle Field is one of the must-see facilities in the country. Not only is the building itself impressive, but it could be one of the best atmospheres for a college program. There aren't many places where fans are holding "yelling practice".

Instead of the constant updates, some stadiums have seen, Kyle Field has been part of some major redevelopment projects every decade or so that makes it one of the biggest and best stadiums in the country. The most recent project in 2014 expanded seating to make it one of the five biggest stadiums in college football (102,733). Since it debuted the newly expanded stadium, Kyle Field has welcomed a minimum of 100,000 fans to every single home game. There is never an empty seat for an Aggies game, making it one of the premiere atmospheres in college football.

There aren't a lot of universities in the country that would spend more than $400 million on its stadium but there aren't a lot of fanbases like the one that cheers for the Aggies.

Then, there's the video board. This thing is a behemoth, standing at 47 feet tall and just a ridiculous 163 feet wide. Was it motivated by beating Texas' scoreboard, which was the biggest in the country? Probably, but some of the best innovation was fueled by competition. The former Big 12 rivals still hold considerable hate towards each other, and that has bled into the building of their stadiums.

Next: Bryant-Denny Stadium
a stadium full of people: Arizona State Sun Devils © Provided by Fansided Arizona State Sun Devils

Bryant-Denny Stadium. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

13. Bryant-Denny Stadium, Alabama

The dominant program of college football has one of the best stadiums in the country, but it's not quite in the top ten. However, it does lose some points when it constantly keeps going back to Legion Field with this beautiful masterpiece in Tuscaloosa. Still, Bryant-Denny Stadium is one of the most spectacular pieces of architecture in Alabama.

Some of the amenities Alabama fans get to enjoy every game include the voice of the legendary coach Bear Bryant across the sound system, a crimson-hued light display on the LED light system, and a walk to the front gate that's riddled with legends of Crimson Tide lore. Bryant-Denny Stadium is home to one of the most dominant teams in college sports, and it needed a home that spoke to that dominance.

One of the interesting decisions for Alabama was to configure four smaller scoreboards across the stadium instead of one giant scoreboard like other stadiums. This gives more fans the ability to see what's happening on the video. It doesn't grab the headlines like others on the list, but it might be a decision in the best interest of the fans.

Bryant-Denny Stadium has the money behind its lore. Not only has this structure been around since 1929, but Alabama has an incredible record inside its walls, especially lately. The Crimson Tide wins 80 percent of its games here, and it is one of the atmospheres that can get opposing players in their own heads. It doesn't help that they have to get dressed in a locker room called "the Fail Room".

Next: Memorial Stadium
a sign in front of a brick building: Clemson Tigers © Provided by Fansided Clemson Tigers

Clemson Tigers. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

12. Memorial Stadium, Clemson

You've heard the stories of going down to Death Valley. That's not a nickname anyone should take lightly. The largest stadium in the ACC is also one of the best. The cannons firing tell Clemson fans that a whooping is on the horizon. The atmosphere in Memorial Stadium is one of the must-watch college football experiences. Running down the hill to get to the game is one of the cooler college football traditions.

The story behind building Memorial Stadium is extremely interesting. Outgoing head coach Jess Nealy did not want a stadium, but he was leaving for Rice (1939 was a strange year for college football). The school decided to build it anyway and put it in the Valley on campus. It started with around 20,000 seats, but after multiple expansions, it can now fit more than 81,000.

Clemson spent big on luxury seating since it costs about the price of a car to get some of these seats for a season. For a simple capital gift of $25,000 (that's before paying for the seats), it comes with two tickets, a fridge stocked with drinks, HD TVs, plus a buffet for each game.

Death Valley is still one of the best atmospheres for a college game. The college is continuing to look at other ways to upgrade the stadium, including a new scoreboard, which will help it move up higher on the list. When the team continues to find itself in championship contention year in and year out, the place where the Tigers call home has to be championship quality as well.

Next: Memorial Stadium (again)
a group of baseball players standing on top of a building: Nebraska Cornhuskers © Provided by Fansided Nebraska Cornhuskers

Memorial Stadium. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

11. Memorial Stadium, Nebraska

From one Memorial Stadium to another, Nebraska hasn't been one of the premier programs on the field, but the field itself is top-notch. Nebraska expects the Cornhuskers to be a competitive football team, and the school has put its money where its mouth is. Nebraska fans still sell out the 85,000 seat stadium every week despite its struggles. They've seen sell outs in every game since 1962.

One of the best parts about Memorial Stadium is how close it is to the field. The end zone seats are just feet from the end line. Fans can almost reach out and touch the goal post, so when a player scores a touchdown it's simple for them to go right up to fans and make them part of the celebration.

The school made changes over the last few years to make the stadium a more comfortable experience. The second that sellout streak ends, it could be bad for Nebraska, so they widened some seats and made others less crowded in general. This was clearly a move to make sure people never changed their minds about their seats based on what's happening on the field. That also makes it an experience to go to a Cornhuskers game. The fans are very passionate about the team, so they go hard. Some have said the fans get so loud, it can make your bones vibrate.

The "Sea of Red" is what makes this stadium an experience. While others need bells and whistles, this is one of the best pure football experiences in college football. Even if the football itself isn't great, the experience of being there will make you forget that.

Next: The Rose Bowl
a close up of a football field: Washington Huskies © Provided by Fansided Washington Huskies

Rose Bowl: (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

10. The Rose Bowl, UCLA

The Rose Bowl, above every other stadium on this list, feels like history personified. The stadium was build in 1922 and has been home to the UCLA Bruins since the 80s. The Rose Bowl has hosted five Super Bowls, a men's and women's World Cup, events for two different Olympic Games, and even hosted auditions for American Idol in 2007 when people were actually watching American Idol.

However, it's the Rose Bowl game and everything that comes with it that makes this stadium famous. The game is played after the Tournament of the Rose Parade, possibly the most famous parade in the country outside of New York City.

As far as the stadium itself, it's very aesthetically pleasing. Having the lower bowl take up most of what you see makes it one of the best looking stadiums, especially from above. This also has visitors saying there isn't a bad seat in the house. The white pillars that surround the stadium are worth the trip to Pasadena. It's one of the best pieces of architecture on any stadium.

The only reason The Rose Bowl loses any points is the team that plays within its hollows is bad. UCLA can usually only fill around 75% of the stadium. However, judge this stadium based on what happens during The Rose Bowl Game. It's an electric atmosphere when people are into the game.

Next: Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium
a group of people on a grass court: Texas Longhorns © Provided by Fansided Texas Longhorns

Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium: (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

9. Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, Texas

People are extremely split on Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Some think it is absolutely a top-ten stadium and college football experience, while others think it's wholly overrated like everything else colored in burnt orange. As one of the stadiums that can pack more than 100,000 fans into the stadium every week, it cannot be ignored.

The fact they were able to make it a 100,000 seat stadium while also keeping its iconic horseshoe shape makes it a great stadium. However, it looks like that might not last. The latest renovation looks to enclose the stadium with a new video board. Texas just put in a new video board in 2006, at the time the biggest board in college football, but some have passed them. Naturally, now Texas is looking to add a new video board for next season. This is what Texas does. They continue to throw money at its football program, which includes the stadium, so they can claim to be one of the best in the country.

The atmosphere for a huge Texas matchup is unbridled. The fans are, in a word, crazy. That leads to cheers that can be heard from all across Texas. The Longhorns may not always have the best product on the field, but that's due to wild expectations. They never bottom out like other teams on the list. That leads to an excitement for game day that most colleges strive for but never achieve.

Next: Bobby Dodd Stadium
a large building: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets © Provided by Fansided Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Bobby Dodd Stadium: (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

8. Bobby Dodd Stadium, Georgia Tech

There is not a lot where Georgia Tech strongly outpaces its in-state counterpart, but the stadium is definitely one of them. Bobby Dodd Stadiums is in one of the best locations in college football. The stadium overlooks the Atlanta skyline during every football game. It's one of the few stadiums that looks just as cool during the day as it does at night. Putting the skyline right there makes a loss every once in a while easier to swallow. It might be the coolest sights inside a college football stadium. It's one of the luxuries about having a stadium right in the middle of a city (but the traffic is another story).

Right outside the stadium is a string of bars and restaurants that make the traditional tailgate a completely different experience. Then, they can head to Yellow Jacket Alley where they can cheer on the team as they walk towards the stadium.

It's technically the oldest stadium in college football. It was built in 1913 right in the middle of the burgeoning city of Atlanta. (Kyle Field is technically older, but they didn't build the actual stadium around the field until 1927.)

Honestly, this stadium deserves a lot more praise than it gets. Its capacity (it only fits around 55,000) and its football team (Georgia Tech has only been bowl eligible twice in the past five seasons) put it lower on other lists, but this is giving it the appreciation it deserves. Bobby Dodd is one of the best experiences for a college football game.

Next: Beaver Stadium
a herd of fireworks in the sky: Penn State Nittany Lions © Provided by Fansided Penn State Nittany Lions

Beaver Stadium (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

7. Beaver Stadium – Penn State

The top seven stadiums in college football are some of the best landmarks in the world. It's hard to rank these seven. Depending on the opinion, any of these can take the number-one spot. Take Beaver Stadium. The White Out for Penn State home games is hard to top for any other school. It looks like something out of a cartoon, but it's real life.

Penn State basically has its own town surrounding the university. Happy Valley comes in droves to see the Nittany Lions on a weekly basis. Beaver Stadium is the second biggest stadium in terms of capacity (106,572) only behind Michigan Stadium. It is not hard for Penn State to get every single seat filled for every home game.

Is Beaver Stadium an architectural masterpiece like others on the list? No, but the atmosphere that it breeds overcomes that. The school puts together a show pregame, especially for a night game. They have pyrotechnics coming out the sides of the stadium as the team runs out on the field. The "We Are Penn State" chants will literally shake the stadium.

Penn State has the best student section in the country. Full stop. Sorry to all the other student sections. This isn't anything against you. It just shows the passion for this fanbase. They are 0 to 100 on every single play. A ten-yard run gets the people to their feet. The sound coming from the stands has put great players in precarious situations and caused them to falter. They may not have columns or the best video screen, but visitors don't even notice that because of the experience they feel inside Beaver Stadium.

Next: Doak Campbell Stadium
Florida State Seminoles © Provided by Fansided Florida State Seminoles

Doak Campbell Stadium: (Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports)

6. Doak Campbell Stadium, Florida State

There isn't much in Tallahassee, Florida. There is the capitol building, as Tally is the capital of the Sunshine State despite being so far away from any other city. Then, there's everything surrounding Florida State. The Seminoles fans take over that city for football games, and it leads to one of the best atmospheres for a college football game. The Chop chant is one of better ones in all of football, college or pros. It's emulated but hundreds of high school teams for the cheap pop, but there's nothing like the original.

It's another stadium that has a very interesting entrance that isn't made to look like a football stadium. It's more a part of the neighborhood. The "Unconquered" statue leading up to the door gives students an opportunity to get together for an easy Instagram shot before running towards the entrance.

The stadium itself is made of three million bricks. One doesn't even have to see the stadium itself to understand the aesthetics of that. Speaking of aesthetics, Osceola running out on the field and slamming a flaming spear into the field is unlike any mascot experience in football. That will make even opposing fans want to run through a wall for Florida State.

The scoreboard looking over everything from the north endzone is one of the best in sports. The video board stands at 56 feet tall and 120 feet wide. The entire structure is a ridiculous 76 feet tall.

The marching band hasn't been talked about a lot here, but the experience that the Marching Chiefs Show brings for the crowd cannot be ignored. There might not be a band in college football that controls the fans like the Marching Chiefs do.

Next: Notre Dame Stadium
a group of people on a court: Notre Dame Fighting Irish © Provided by Fansided Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame Stadium: (Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports)

5. Notre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame

Touchdown Jesus was always going to be high on this list. Usually, a mural of a religious figure standing above the stadium doesn't make it great, but Notre Dame's history and the fact he's literally making a touchdown call puts it up here. On top of that, the Golden Dome and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart sneaking itself over the stadium views adds to the feeling fans get while sitting in their seats.

The history of Notre Dame football can be felt on every inch of campus, but once you get to the stadium, which sits right in the middle of campus, that history floods those feelings.

The "Play Like A Champion" sign is one of the few locker room traditions that is part of popular culture. It can be seen by fans in pregame hype videos, and it appears in movies and other pop culture for decades.

Notre Dame is one of the cleanest stadiums in terms of looks. The field has simple numbers and lines on it. There are no fancy logos, no sponsorships, and the end zones are just a line to tell players they scored.

The exterior of the building, like many other buildings with the Notre Dame namesake, is absolutely breathtaking. The entire outside is made of brick, giving it this different feel walking up to the stadium. It doesn't look like a traditional stadium from the outside. It's one of the best looking buildings in college football.

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a crowd of people watching a baseball game: Ohio State Buckeyes © Provided by Fansided Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio Stadium (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

4. Ohio Stadium, Ohio State

Having a stadium surrounded by a river provides an experience that Ohio State probably didn't expect. Walking over the bridge on the way to Ohio Stadium is an experience in itself.

Ohio State is one of the few stadiums that went all-in on being huge the second it opened its doors. The school started with 66,000 seats when it was built in 1922. When most schools were adding stadiums with 15-20,000 seats, Ohio just went and easily tripled that. Multiple additions now have it well over 100,000 while still keeping most of its horseshoe shape. It's hard to completely abandon that when the stadium's nickname is literally "The Horseshoe". It's not open like the old horseshoe, but they built it so it's flat at the top, which ended up looking quite good.

One of the weird traditions of Ohio State football was its lack of night games. The school didn't add permanent lights until 2014. They only had roughly 15 night games before that. Now, they have the lights and Michigan can wait until a 7:30 kick to lose again (sorry, cheap shot). Since they spent so much time on day games, it brings the same experience that a night game does for every other school. Ohio State fans are just as hyped at noon as they are in the evening.

It helps that the Buckeyes are constantly one of the best teams in college football year in and year out. Every game at Ohio Stadium could lead to a National Championship. There is always at least four or five stars on the field every game. The fans bring the energy of a championship pedigree every week. Ohio Stadium is a must-visit experience for all fans, even those who root for the maize and blue.

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Michigan Stadium (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

3. Michigan Stadium, Michigan

Hey! Michigan beat Ohio State!

Okay, enough of the cheap shots. Michigan Stadium is one of the greatest structures in sports. In terms of pure size, it is unmatched. It holds more than 109,000 fans every week, the biggest stadium in the United States and the third biggest non-racing stadium in the world. When the Wolverines faced Notre Dame in 2013, they fit more than 115,000 fans into The Big House. That is a feat to behold.

One of the most interesting facts about a college football stadium, when Michigan Stadium was originally built, it went on top of an underground spring that caused a lot of it to fall below ground level. This makes it one of the most unique settings in sports. Having a stadium literally going into the ground is unlike almost any venue. Nobody would think to do that on purpose, so the fact that the biggest venue in North America did it on accident is the best fun fact. It also gives this strange feeling like the crowd roars are descending down on players. Again, just the best accident ever.

Michigan has led the nation in attendance in 41 of the past 43 seasons. They come out in droves and it's nearly impossible to outdo them. Wolverines fans are insanely loyal whether it's a two-win season or a 12-win season. They will come out, demand greatness every Saturday, talk about Wolverines football all week, then get themselves going before the game so they can cheer on the Wolverines once again.

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Ben Hill Griffin Stadium: (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

2. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Florida

Yes, it's SEC bias once again, this time for the stadiums. However, the top two experiences here are impossible to beat. Going to "The Swamp" is an experience unlike any other in college football. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium got that nickname from legendary head coach Steve Spurrier, who said it was "hot, sticky, and dangerous", just like a real swamp. It helps that it's not too far from The Everglades.

The Florida heat can get the field up to 100 degrees, which is definitely a home-field advantage. It gets so crazy in Gainesville, Georgia refuses to play there. They'll make excuses, but the biggest rivalries for the two teams is played in Jacksonville every year for a reason. That reason is not the Gators being afraid of Georgia's bushes.

Florida State might have "The Chop" but Florida's "Chomp" is the best hand gesture in college football.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium was originally built in a shallow sinkhole. That feels like a very "Florida" story. It added to the ambiance of Gators football. The university built steep stands around the field, which gives it a feeling of inclusivity. Going to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium completely closes out the outside world. It also comes right down to the field, putting fans mere feet away from the game. The sidelines are basically right on top of the student section.

All these factors make Florida home games one of the loudest in the country. It can hit 115 decibels, so maybe bring an extra set of earplugs with you.

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Tiger Stadium (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

1. Tiger Stadium, Louisiana State

Number one on the list, the LSU Tigers have the best combination of architecture, atmosphere, and amenities in college football. It's the three "A's" of stadium excellence. Instead of putting one giant screen, LSU has three huge video boards across the stadium. When other stadiums boast crazy crowds, LSU somehow has the fans hitting a fever pitch from the opening kickoff to the final seconds. When the sun goes down, there is no experience in sports like a game at Tiger Stadium.

"Death Valley" has been home for the Tigers since 1924, giving it that history some of the more "traditional" programs have. Bear Bryant famously said it was one of the hardest places to play, comparing its atmosphere to being inside a drum. Coaches have outrightly said the fans made it harder to play than in places like Michigan Stadium and Ohio Stadium. The word electric has been used before, but Tiger Stadium is like comparing the power of lightning to what's happening to your bedside lamp.

Tiger Stadium's crowd went so crazy for a game in 1988, it registered on the Richter scale. When the Tigers scored the game-winning touchdown against Auburn with less than two minutes left, a seismograph thought an earthquake was happening.

Then, there are the tailgates with that traditional Louisiana cuisine. The food style of New Orleans heads north for the best experience in college football. It's a cherry on top of the sundae that is the best stadium in college football.

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