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Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders opens up about his relationship with Deion Sanders as a coach

Athlon Sports 3/21/2023 Kevin Borba
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During his playing days Colorado's head coach, Deion Sanders, was one of the most outspoken and interesting athletes in all of sports.

The Hall-of-Famer and one of the best players to ever play the sport has now emerged as college football's most polarizing coaches, as he has top recruits from across the country intrigued at the empire he is building in Boulder. Something that many people are always fascinated by, is the success that all-time greats have in their ventures after their post-playing days.

When someone like Sanders takes up coaching, there is always a question as to how successful he can be at connecting with players and teaching those who will likely never even come close to his status. However, aside from proving that there is no issue with connecting with the modern athlete for Sanders, there is one relationship on his Colorado team that stands out from any other, which is the one with his quarterback who also happens to be his son.

There are many notions and stigmas around father-son relationships in sports as for every Doug and Greg McDermott, there is a Ferentz duo. However, no relationship between father and son in recent memory matches up to the status of Deion and Shedeur Sanders. The coach and quarterback will be one of the most discussed, watched, and likely scrutinized duos in college football, and maybe even sports this next season. 

When taking the mic after the Buffs' first spring practice, Shedeur was asked about the conversations he had with his father about the non-coach led practices that took place, and he opened up about their relationship a tad saying:

"We’re not just telling him what we want him to (hear) because its realistic things that you’re going through. A couple throws you miss, a couple assignments you miss. It’s real attention to detail. We know the little things we can’t mess up so we grade ourself hard so when the game comes it’s more (that) everything’s fluent. So that’s the thing, we’re not just making ourself feel better saying ‘oh yeah, we had a grade-A practice today because we was focused.’ But nah, we gotta execute each and every play and that’s when we got those A-days. Today was a C, well they said D. I thought it was like C- but if Coach said D, it’s D, you know what I’m saying? Really just coming out tomorrow and focusing. This is the first day we was able to go against the defense full, so being able to get everything on film and teach off that, that’s major for us right now. I’m knowing that the next day, the next couple days we’ll be way better than today." 

The honesty and desire to improve by Shedeur is something that On3's Josh Newberg recently discussed with us at Locked on Buffs, pinpointing that Shedeur has always had the spotlight on him and despite any of the "pressures" will be ready for the moment.  

As spring ball continues the two Sanders' will have more time to continue to improve in not only adapting to their new surroundings and systems, but continuing to work with each other again, as they have at every level. 

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