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Coming and Going at Alabama: 2022 Eligibility Tracker

Bama Central on FanNation logo Bama Central on FanNation 1/13/2022 Christopher Walsh

Keeping track of the Alabama football roster as the Crimson Tide transitions from the 2021 championship season into 2022 and beyond.

It didn't take even 24 hours following the conclusion of the National Championship Game for some of the players and a coach to announce their departures from Alabama

A couple of them had been considered starters at some point of the 2021 season. 

This had already become the new norm in college football. 

Alabama Alabama head coach Nick Saban still had the Crimson Tide poised to keep rolling, no one knew how the changes adopted by the NCAA to get through the 2020 season would continue to impact the roster. 

For example, normally the NCAA limit is 85 scholarship players on the active roster at any point, and football programs may sign only 25 players during each recruiting cycle.

The latter part has been around since 2011, after Ole Miss under Houston Nutt had a 37-man signing class in 2009. The governing body closed down many of the loopholes he used to try and pack his roster, although coaches can still backtrack some to fill gaps from the previous year. 

However, the 85-player limit was temporarily lifted.  

When the NCAA decided that the 2020 season would not count against a player’s eligibility, regardless of if he played or not, the maximum limit became moot. Theoretically, a football team could have 100-plus scholarship players until those players involved all departed.

That's assuming the school could afford to do so. 

Alabama, of course, hasn't had much of a problem with that, and continued to stockpile talent. A year ago, Saban signed what some called the best recruiting class in history (at least on paper), and continued to add top prospects with another top-ranked class on Early Signing Day for 2022.   

He just has a couple of loose ends to tie up on National Signing Day on February 2. 

The coach doesn’t disclose scholarship information so there's always a little bit of guesswork involved, and there's always some coming and going over the summer.

Here’s a look at each position group following the 2021 national championship game, along with the year each player arrived. 

Those ranked in the top 99 of his recruiting class is labeled as such. The players in the Class of 2021 are as according to Sports Illustrated, and those who arrived in Tuscaloosa previously.

* consensus top-32 player in his recruiting class (which essentially translates to five-star designation). 

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