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Deion Sanders deploying wild motivation tactics at Colorado spring practice

Fansided 3/24/2023 Holden Walters
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Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders is making players "earn" their jersey numbers, so they will have to wear blank jerseys in the meantime.

Spring practice kicked off in Boulder, Colorado this week as Deion Sanders (a.k.a Coach Prime) takes another step toward turning around the Buffaloes 1-11 record from last season.

It's no secret that Sanders likes to color outside the lines a little bit, like when he told the current Colorado roster that he was "bringing his own luggage" just days after arriving in Boulder.

It makes sense that there would be another catch to playing for Prime and it was revealed this week at the beginning of spring practice.

Deion Sanders will make Colorado players earn numbers in spring practice.

During a meeting with the players, Sanders had this to say:

"The reason we're here is because we asked you for the numbers that you desire, and a lot of you guys were desiring numbers that ain't you. What I mean by that (is) a lineman is not wearing a single digit. That's not gonna happen under me. If you ain't that guy, you're not wearing a single digit."

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So, what is the logical next step here? That's right – blank jerseys. The players will have to earn the jersey numbers, and if a teammate also wants that number, they'll have to prove they're better in order to obtain said number. It's also not like players can pick any number either once they do earn their right to choose. If you're a CU football player, don't you dare pick the number 0.

"You're not wanting zero. That would never happen because that means you're nothing," Sanders explained.

No zero, no No. 1 (Sanders said he will assigned that number), and no No. 2 (which will belong to his son, Shedeur Sanders, according to

When did numbers start holding so much significance? Do players really care that much about what their number is? If Tom Brady had suddenly switched his number to No. 0 at the beginning of his NFL through his career, does that mean New England would have six fewer Super Bowls under their belt because their QB became "nothing?"

Sanders has proven to be a wildly successful head coach thus far in his career, and will most likely continue that success at Colorado, but this is certainly one of his more interesting decisions. Maybe this will prove to be an incredibly effective tactic, and become the new norm in sports.

Sanders sent shockwaves through the college football universe in 2020 when he became the head coach of the Jackson State Tigers. He produced a total record of 27-6 during his three seasons of service, and at the conclusion of the 2022 season he departed the HBCU to go coach at Colorado.

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