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Readers Respond to Husker Dan's Survey

All Huskers on FanNation logo All Huskers on FanNation 2/7/2023 Dan McGlynn
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Most think Matt Rhule is on the right track.

Two weeks ago, I posted a 10 question survey asking Husker fans to offer their opinions on the current state of the Nebraska football program.

The survey asked how Husker fans would grade the performance of new head coach, Matt Rhule, how many games Nebraska will win this fall, who the starting QB will be and whether 5-star QB Dylan Raiola will commit to the Huskers.

Almost every one who responded believes Rhule is on the right track. His ability to assemble a coaching staff coupled with his ability to attract good players into his system, drew raves from Husker fans.

Most responders think Nebraska will win at least 6 games (some predicted 11) and the Huskers will therefore become bowl eligible. When it comes to who is going to be the starting QB when Nebraska opens the season August 31st at Minnesota, fans favor Casey Thompson. But a close second is Georgia Tech transfer, Jeff Sims.

There was also a split on whether NU will have a 1,000 yard rusher this fall. If there is one, most thought Anthony Grant would be the guy.

As to whether 5-star QB Dylan Riaola will commit to Nebraska in the Class of '24, the vote came at about 50/50.

Let's take a look at some of the responses.

1.-3) Matt Rhule's ability to coach, to hire a new staff and his recruiting ability

From Craig in Connecticut

Frost did nothing even close to what Matt Rhule has been doing since he (Rhule) arrived in Lincoln. I have confidence that Rhule will have a lot of success at Nebraska. All we can do now is observe all the things he is doing to make sure that (success) happens. I believe our football program is in excellent hands now.

Bob from Virginia Beach, VA

Rhule's staff is hungry and has a sense of urgency. I just have this overwhelming feeling that there are adults in the room after Mr. Rogers Riley and the Scott Frost circus have ended.

Scott from Bella Vista, AR

If this staff can adapt to the Big Ten and play a style of offense and defense that matches up with Big Ten teams, the Huskers will do well. The staff has already proven to be good on the recruiting trail.

From James in Elkhorn, NE

I have a feeling we are getting coaches who know how to coach and have the ability to coach the players to their strengths. I expect our Cornhuskers to be a team that we can't wait to see play!

Jim from Gilbert, AZ

I love the connections he has made with Nebraska high schools and I am impressed with his visibility. Does the man ever sleep? He pushes all the right buttons for this Husker fan.

Matt from Omaha

I am extremely excited for the future of the program under Coach Rhule. I believe he will bring back toughness and confidence with the players.

4.-5.) How many games will the Huskers win this fall and will NU play in a bowl game?

Wade from Jackson, MS

It's going to come down to one thing: team chemistry. If the team can develop, they'll have a chance to be one of the best turn-around stories ever! After I've consumed a pitcher full of Kool-Aid, I'm always going with 11-1!

Kirk from California

Nebraska will make a bowl game and the state's streets will be overrun with grown men weeping for joy. Red beer will be flowing in the bars. There will be a surge of births nine months later and the most popular boy's name will be Matt.

Arch from San Diego, CA

The Huskers will win a minimum of 9 games. I'm two-fisting the Kool-Aid here, but why not?

7.) Who will be the Husker starting QB in the season opener?

David from Overland, NE

Thompson will start. I think the guy is much more talented than he appeared last year. But the Huskers need to have a significantly improved offensive line for any of the quarterbacks to be successful.

Jeff from Austin, TX

Casey Thompson will be the starter. This kid is a fighter. He came back to win the job.

 Matt from Sioux Falls, SD

I think Jeff Sims will be the starter. And that's largely due to Casey Thompson's injury.

8.) Will the Huskers have a 1,000 yard rusher this fall?

Rick from Big Stone Gap, VA

Yes, but only if we stick to a run game. The thing with running the ball is it takes time off the clock which allows our defense to rest and keeps the other offenses off the field.

9.) If so, who do you think it'll be?

Rick (above)

It's hard to say. Injuries, the development of the O-line are critical. All too often Husker running backs have great high school careers, but when they get to Nebraska it seems like they have the deer-in-the-headlights look. Not sure why that happens.

10.) Do you think Dylan Raiola will commit to Nebraska?

Jim from Gretna, NE

I think he would be taking a risk coming here. Too big a chance that they (the Husker football team) will not be good enough to get him the NFL exposure he wants.

Ryan from St. Joseph, MO

Yes, but I think he (Dylan) is waiting to see how the Huskers do this fall.

Matt from Sioux Falls, SD

I'm truly on the fence with this one. My heart says yes, but my gut says no. He (Raiola) could be the difference between a Big Ten title and some average seasons.

Kirk from California

It will be a long shot to land Raiola, but it won't be for lack of effort by Rhule. His staff and the countless prayer circles in Nebraska are asking the Lord for his (Raiola's) commitment and the NIL offer will be delivered via a Brinks truck.

Ron from Tulsa, OK

Yes! Why else do you decommit from the premier Big Ten team (Ohio State)? I hope he (Raiola) commits before the season starts so he can help pull together the rest of the '24 class. A shock wave will go through college football. Raiola's coming to Nebraska would put the Huskers back to relevancy and national title contention.

Thanks To The Readers

Due to the volume of responses, I was not able to post them all. Thanks so much for all of you who took time to respond to this survey. As I keep saying, Husker fans are THE best in the history of the planet!

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