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REPORT: Over 200 Former College Football Players Filing Concussion Lawsuits Against NCAA

12up logo 12up 1/28/2019 Maxwell Underhill
a large brick tower with a clock on the side of a building: NCAA Announces Corrective and Punitive Measures for Penn State © Joe Robbins/GettyImages NCAA Announces Corrective and Punitive Measures for Penn State

​The NCAA is about to get hit hard on the legal front. 

Various reports detail that over 200 concerning ​football-related concussion lawsuits are currently in the process of being filed against the NCAA. 

Allegations surrounding the lawsuits suggest that the NCAA knew about the ​concussion dangers in football but did not properly warn players about the health risks of playing the game. 

In the case of former Cameron University football player Abe Mack IV, his suit alleges that "while the NCAA knew about the harmful and devastating effects of these sub-concussive and concussive injuries [in the game of football], it recklessly ignored these facts and failed to implement reasonable concussion management protocols to protect its athletes.”\

Those sentiments are echoed by hundreds.

While we can hope that these lawsuits will hand out some kind of justice for collegiate football players (who put their bodies on the line each and every week on the gridiron), the impending case is likely to take quite a bit of time.

It's a shame for the game of football, but history has shown the NCAA is capable of wriggling out of any tight corner they find themselves in.  This, however, is unlikely to end in their favor despite the burden of the evidence being on the players.


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