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Ryan Day still cannot get past the Marvin Harrison Jr. hit in the College Football Playoff

Fansided 2/4/2023 John Buhler
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Ryan Day did a bad job of letting Javon Bullard's hit on Marvin Harrison Jr. go in the Peach Bowl.

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has had a miserable time getting past the controversial Javon Bullard hit on Marvin Harrison Jr. in the back of the end zone during the Peach Bowl.

No doubt about it, this was the play that tipped the scales in Georgia's favor during the national semifinals. The Buckeyes played about as well as they could throughout the ballgame, but Georgia was inevitable. Harrison was ruled out of the game with a concussion after Bullard broke up a touchdown pass in the back of the end zone. This was when everything unraveled for Ohio State…

So it comes as no surprise that Day was all about calling the officials in the aftermath of the Buckeyes' heartbreaking loss to the Dawgs.

Maybe not getting outscored 18-3 in the final frame of the game would have been the way to go?

Ryan Day unloaded on officials after unraveling in fourth quarter of Peach Bowl

Look. Day wanted a targeting call on Bullard more than anything in the world on New Year's Eve. Too bad you cannot let the game go into the hands of the officials. It would have been questionable to even call targeting on Bullard in that moment because what was he supposed to do? Let Harrison score to put the game out of reach?! It has been a rough last two games for Day…

Day has lost his last two games to arch rival Michigan, including their first defeat in The Horseshoe to the Wolverines in the better part of two decades. While we have to give Ohio State credit for playing Georgia tougher than anyone for the better part of a game, it would have taken a full 60 minutes to beat the Dawgs. Heck, Ohio State still had a chance to win and advance at the very end.

This is where Day needs to still be unmercifully crushed. The Buckeyes had one of the better kickers in the country. Rather than running the ball between the hashmarks twice to get closer for a field-goal try, Day called plays that resulted in Heisman Trophy finalist quarterback C.J. Stroud throwing it out of bounds. It set up a 50-yard attempt for Noah Ruggles from the far left hash…

While Ruggles shanked it horrendously, Day absolutely blew it in the final seconds to put his sure-footed kicker in a better position to make the game-winner. If Ruggles had a better angle, maybe the Buckeyes are your defending College Football Playoff National Champions? Even if Ohio State does not make the playoff next year, Day has to beat Michigan or he will become … John Cooper.

Ultimately, Day is a good enough coach at a great enough program to win a national championship someday. We all saw Kirby Smart get sonned repeatedly by Nick Saban every time the Dawgs took on Alabama. The 2017 National Championship to the 2018 SEC Championship, complete and total disasters. After so many tries, the Dawgs had their day in the sun vs. the Crimson Tide up in Indy.

Day can be mad about the hit all he wants, but it took a fourth-quarter meltdown to even blow it.

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