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Commanders’ Daniel Snyder & Deshaun Watson: Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Speaks Out

Washington Football on FanNation logo Washington Football on FanNation 8/8/2022 Mike Fisher
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Jerry Jones, whose name is joined in the NFLPA assertion by New England owner Robert Kraft and Washington owner Daniel Snyder was apparently asked about specifics and declined to address those.

Deshaun Watson might be going down. And if he does, the NFLPA seems intent on having NFL owners like Washington Commanders boss Daniel Snyder go down with him.

The NFLPA has included the name of Snyder, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in its response to the NFL's appeal of Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson's six-game suspension.

Apparently willing to speak for the ownership level, Jones has reacted to the development by dismissively calling it “not unexpected.”

Said Jones to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: ”That is the drill. That is the drill, to go around to say you didn’t punish such and such. Anybody would know that every player case and every case that involves non-players in the NFL are dealing with dramatically different principle facts, which is all the difference in the world.”

Jones dismissed the idea of imbalance while characterizing the NFLPA tactic “a standard players association comeback.”

Added Jones: “It would be like walking down to the courthouse and saying, 'You didn't give that guy that much' and not take into account what the action was or the circumstances behind it. That's called ‘shooting volleys.’ That's just shooting stuff over your back.”

The NFLPA created a list of owners who it claims received mild punishment for alleged misconduct, the point being that the league’s punishments for owners should mirror the punishments of players.

In the case of Snyder, his side could argue that a $10 million fine for front-office misconduct is not "mild.''

Former New Jersey Attorney General Peter C. Harvey will hear the league's appeal of the Watson six-game suspension, handed down by judge Sue. L. Robinson. The NFL May be seeking an indefinite suspension for Watson, accused of sexual misconduct with multiple women while a member of the Houston Texans, who this off-season traded him to the Cleveland Browns.

Jones was apparently asked about specifics and declined to address those.

“I can’t talk about any club, Watson or to refer to anybody’s punishment,” Jones said. “I can only say that is what you get when you are part of the NFL. It’s not unexpected.”


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