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Las Vegas Raiders DC Patrick Graham Week 4 Update

Raider Maven on FanNation 9/28/2022 Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr.
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The Las Vegas Raiders defensive coordinator Patrick Graham gave his state of the Las Vegas Raiders address for Week 4.

HENDERSON, Nev.--The word debacle is not too strong of a word to describe the Las Vegas Raiders (0-3) 24-22 loss to the Tennessee Titans (1-2) on Sunday.

After DC Patrick Graham reviewed the film of the game, he gave his analysis and looked ahead to this week's opponent, the Denver Broncos.

You can watch the entire press conference below, and read the transcript:

Defensive Coordinator Patrick Graham

Q: What was discussed at halftime with the defense?

Coach Graham: “At halftime, the discussion is just in terms of [saying], 'Okay, let's settle down, let’s see what they're doing. And then let's do our best to take away what you're doing.’ Just playing a little bit tighter with the run defense, a little tighter with the coverage and just settling down was really the main thing, and just doing our fundamentals. I mean, most of the time when something like that happens, usually what we do is we go back and focus on the fundamentals. Let’s start tackling better, start playing with our hands better, and that was evident when you watch the tape. That was a lot of the stuff that ended up happening better there. And then, obviously, I had to do a better job calling it, too. But it usually comes back to fundamentals."

Q: After the game players talked about embracing one play at a time and forgetting the last play. Do you think that was something that was building on itself in the first half?

Coach Graham: “I'm not sure. I mean, you talked to them, and they said that. I think that's just a good thing to think about just in this league in general. You have 17 opportunities every year and each week is different. And then you take that down to a smaller scale in terms of each play is different and just moving on from the next play. I think that's an important philosophy just to think about this game in general. I can't speak for those guys, but I think it's a smart approach."

Q: What changes do think Chandler Jones needs to make to be more the player people thought he was going to be?

Coach Graham: “Each year is different. When you watch the tape and see where people are having their production…everybody's looking for the statistics and stuff like that. The impact, one, off the field, two, the attention they bring that allows other people to play more freely. It's a long season and I know this, Chandler works hard. I know the only thing Chandler is worried about, just knowing him for a long time, is about wins. So, regardless of what the production was, or what it could have been, Chandler cares about winning. Just like the people here in this building, we care about winning. So, that's the number one thing. Once we start winning, we'll be happy there.”

Q: The Titans normally don’t throw the ball to Derrick Henry. When a team goes against their identity like that, how do you react to that?

Coach Graham: “That's the most fun part of our job, I think. Just in terms of as a coach, the in-game adjustments, that's the most fun I've ever had coaching when you make an in-game adjustment because they throw something at you that's different, then you have to adjust to it. Whether it's checking the ball down to the back, or they decided to go with perimeter runs as opposed to inside runs. Just like this week when we go against Denver, there's going to be something different, there's going to be a wrinkle. That's what we do all the work for all week in terms of preparation, is to try and find something where, ‘Okay, we can try to exploit this weakness or do something different,’ and then the adjustments have to happen in the game. But that's one of the most fun things that we do, and I look forward to it. Obviously, we got to do a good job of adjusting within the game and that's an important part of our job."

Q: What's something different about Russell Wilson than the other three quarterbacks that you’ve gone against this season?

Coach Graham: "One, he's a veteran. I know [Ryan] Tannehill is a veteran, too. But Russell has a lot of experience of running the offense, truly a check with me quarterback, where he could call the play, get them in and out of plays at the line of scrimmage, and the experience he has with that. No different than some of the other veteran quarterbacks, they've seen everything. They've seen you play two- high, they've seen you play single-high and spin to two-high. They've seen all that stuff. So, that's always interesting when you're playing a veteran quarterback like that, especially someone that's played at such a high level. The other thing that stands out is the ability to throw the ball deep with Russell. I knew him when he was a kid. He was a ball boy for us at Richmond. His brother played for us at University of Richmond. So, I mean, he had these big hands, and he could throw the ball. He threw ball better than our quarterback – I don't want to say that. (Former Richmond Quarterback) Stacy Tutt would get mad at me if I said that. Stacy, I didn't mean that. But he could throw the ball pretty good when he was a young kid. And I think just the ability to throw the ball deep and the accuracy with it. He throws a very catchable ball, that's one thing that stands out just over the years with him."

Q: How do you find the balance of working on what needs fixing while also highlighting the positives?

Coach Graham: “I’ve talked about this with you guys before, consistency is a big thing. Just being consistent in terms of let's build towards being more consistent within the game. Obviously, I have to be consistent with my approach in terms of here's the standard, this is what we want to have happen and how can we build towards that. And then, because I'm a teacher – and I just happen to teach football – just keep teaching and just building that relationship and getting the guys to understand, 'Okay, we could have done this a little bit better. We can do this a little bit better. I could do this a lot better.' And that's one thing, the honesty for me, I think that's important. Thankfully all our coaches, we know we have to do a better job and get these guys ready to go for the game and we'll do our best and see how it plays out on Sunday.”

Q: When you see Chandler Jones career sack numbers against Russell Wilson in the past, how much does that excite you as a coordinator to have that matchup in the division?

Coach Graham: "Well, I hope Russell is blocking Chandler, that would help. (laughter) No, I remember his first sack against Russell, it was in 2012. I remember that was Chandler's rookie year, that was his first sack. He’s good friends with Russell, I believe. And I know Russ from when he was younger, and it's always a challenge to go against him. I mean, he was a rookie my third or fourth year in the league, and he came back with four minutes left, they were down by 12 and they won the game in Seattle. So, it's always exciting to play against him and you include the Super Bowl that we played against them, it’s always exciting. But you have to ask Chandler what he's thinking about it, but I know they're friends and they're probably excited to go against each other. But they don’t directly go against each other."

Q: Is Sam Webb a player that you have confidence in that can step up if called upon and produce?

Coach Graham: “The thing about Sam, the improvements since he's gotten here, has been really good in terms of just learning how to study. A lot of stuff is outside of the football field, first learning how to be in the classroom, how to be attentive, how to study and how to prepare. That's the stuff he's been working on. Jason Simmons has been doing a good job working with him there. The other thing is he's big, he's long, he's fast, and he has the willingness to be physical. So, right there, those are a lot of the traits we're looking for from that defensive back position. As he gets more and more opportunities, he’s just got to take advantage of it."

Q: What have you seen from Javonte Williams coming from college and now transitioning into the NFL?

Coach Graham: “I remember they had two backs, if I'm remembering correctly, at North Carolina. The young man that's at the Jets right now, right? I thought his vision, and even now you just see it on tape, his vision in terms of seeing the backside cut back. I think that's pretty good by him. The physicality he runs with. He runs behind his pads. And then the ability to make people miss in space as well. He's a pretty good back. I mean, they have a got a few good backs there at Denver right now. They're in a good situation."

Q: How old was Russell Wilson when he was a ball boy for you at University of Richmond? And do you have any favorite stories from him?

Coach Graham: “His brother played for us, so he was just there on the sideline. I mean, I think he remembers me. I'm pretty sure he remembers me. I just remember he could throw the ball pretty good, and I was like, 'This guy is in like eighth grade or whatever.' He was always a good player. A good player in football and baseball."

Q: The numbers would suggest that Divine Deablo has struggled in pass coverage. Is that something you’ve seen and where is he in his development in that area?

Coach Graham: “[Divine] Deablo is a young player and he's improving. I don't know exactly what the numbers are, I don't know what that is. But I do know this, the guy has the ability to cover man, zone. That's why he's out there. But just like anybody beginning the season, trying to improve. I wouldn't lean on those numbers too much. I know that Deablo is the type of backer that I want in our system, in terms of ability to cover, to play the run. I'm most impressed with how he's playing the run right now in terms of the physicality and how he's doing that, and I'm pleased with that."

The Las Vegas Raiders return to action next Sunday, as they play host at Allegiant Stadium to their AFC rivals the Denver Broncos. That game kicks off at 4:25 PM PT and can be seen on CBS.

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