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Matthew Butler the Las Vegas Raiders Rookie is Earning More

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The Las Vegas Raiders rookie DR Matthew Butler is getting the opportunity to earn more reps, and he is doing it.

HENDERSON, Nev.-Matthew Butler of the Las Vegas Raiders is having a good training camp.  

The young man is earning more reps and taking care of his business.  He spoke recently after training camp and you can watch his entire press conference below, and read the transcript.

Defensive Tackle Matthew Butler

Q: How are you taking advantage of the opportunities in training camp?

Butler: "Every day I just try to go out there and make the most of every opportunity. Try to pave my work with this team and see how I can contribute to this game as well."

Q: Have there been any surprises or 'aha moments’ in your first NFL training camp?

Butler: "No surprises, but a lot of 'aha moments’. You’re always trying to learn the game; learn from the best, learn from your coaches. You can even learn from different position groups and leaders on this team. Learn just how to carry yourself day by day and things like that."

Q: "How was your last year at Tennessee?

Butler: "I had an influx of great guys that came in and out of Tennessee. There are ups and there are downs, but through the trials and tribulations, me and myself stayed headfast. That's kind of the name of the game and I hope that it parlays itself into not only my NFL career but my life."

Q: Has it been working alongside rookie DT Neil Farrell, Jr.?

Butler: "We have the same perspective, we're both rookies. We just bounce things off of each other after practice and work off with each other during practice."

Q: Which veterans have been taking you under their wing?

Butler: "Kendal Vickers has been a friend of mine since my freshman year at Tennessee. He's been great. Also, Bilal Nichols. He's been in his league for five or six years now. But really, I mean, whether it's Tyler [Lancaster], whether it's [Andrew] AB [ Billings], whether it's [Jonathan] Hank [Hankins]. Everybody in the room has been pouring into myself and Neil and the rest of the team. And we try to pour in by just giving our all, day by day."

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Q: What's it been like working with Defensive Line Coach Frank Okam?

Butler: "He's a great teacher. He's been not only teaching us the game, but about life. He doesn't just stop in that in that room. He's really trying to give his all and I know that, and you can see it out there in how we play and in our relationship with him."

Q: Are you seeing progress from yourself after each day of camp?

Butler: "That's the goal for us every day."

Q: What was your probably most enjoyable part of the Hall of Fame tour and game in Canton?

Butler: "From the Hall of Fame perspective, it was it was great. I grew up watching football, really. So, when you see like a D-lineman like [David] 'Deacon' Jones, who he played way back when, before I was alive. I know who that is. And when you see the guys who are part of the Fearsome Foursome taming California, that's great. It's really inspiring, and nonetheless, you just take it day by day and keep your head down and be the best version of you every day."

Q: Did you make a point to go find the D-line while visiting the Hall of Fame Museum?

Butler: "Yes, I made it a point to find the D-line and all the guys that went to Tennessee."

Q: When did you get into really wanting to look at the history of football?

Butler: "I transition to defensive mind like when I was like 12 going into my eighth-grade year. You just want to learn a little bit, see it a game, and appreciate it more."

Q: How cool was it to pass Reggie White's bust at the Hall of Fame Museum?

Butler: "It was awesome, but at the same time, Reggie White – may his soul rest in peace – I saw that guy every day basically at Tennessee. He's always been inspiring to me. A great man to his teammates. Everybody said he was a great leader both at Tennessee and with the teams they played for in the NFL. That's what I aspire to be -- a great football player and be a blessing to those around me."

Q: How were the emotions running during camp today?

Butler: "It was there, we can handle it the way it needs to be handled."

Q: Did your final game with Tennessee against Alabama give you the confidence in knowing you're able to play at the next level?

Butler: "I didn't really see it that way. Last year, I was just trying to win each game and become better and make my guys around me better and allowed them to pour into me as well. That really wasn't my mindset, but that's the same mindset here, now. I came to my first practice, there were ups, there were downs. But you just try to keep your head down, be a blessing those around you, and be willing to be led and take all the instruction and the advice."

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