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New York Giants Reader Mailbag: Part 2

Giants Country on FanNation 11/26/2022 Patricia Traina
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We have a few more letters that came in for our weekend mailbag.

Since we had some extra questions come in for this week that I don't want to let slide until next week, I'm doing a second part to the mailbag.

(From Jeffrey S.) I understand coach Daball wants to win every game. However, putting our best cornerback Adoree Jackson back to return kicks was just the dumbest thing imaginable. I don’t blame the coach, he needs to have the team's short-term interests. 

However, John Mara, who must remember Jason Sehorn's injury, should have been SMART enough to tell the coach, "I own the team, and I’m not putting the WHOLE season at risk over a few punts." Don’t you think that sometimes an adult needs to be in the room?

Jeff, let's slow our roll here. Yes, the decision to play Jackson as the punt returner, given the depth at cornerback, wasn't the best one and was one I was vehemently against. But Daboll will do what's best for the team, and you're not going to see ownership interfere with coaching decisions. That's not how the Maras or Tisches operate. And not for nothing, but if Jackson doesn't get injured, we're probably having a different discussion. At this point, further discussion of the decision is closing the barn door after the horses run off. It happened, and now Daboll and his staff will have to deal with the fallout in terms of personnel.

(From Mike D.) Giants/Eagles game ends 21-21 in regulation and heads to OT. Giants win the toss and elect to receive. Giants commence a methodical 10-minute drive by feeding Barkley, dinking, and dunking down the field. The Giants have a 4th and goal from the 15-yard line with 3 seconds left in OT. Graham Gano kicks a field goal to put the Giants ahead 24-21 as time expires. Do the Giants win despite not having scored a TD and the Eagles not having had an opportunity to go on offense?

Yes. There is only one sudden death period in regular-season play, so if the Giants were to eat up all 10 minutes on the clock (an unlikely scenario, by the way) and kick a field goal with no time left, they would win the game.

(From Steven W) Do the NY Jets have as many injuries as the Giants during home games? We lead the NFL in ACL and MCL injuries at home. Changing to a different artificial turf--will that help?

According to, the Jets are ranked 29th in the NFL (77). But what these stats don't tell you is where the injuries are happening. For example, are guys being injured on grass or on turf? At home or away? In practice or games? And the injury count also includes illnesses. That said, the Giants have a problem with keeping guys healthy that they better figure out--and I suspect this problem extends well beyond the turf issue. 

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