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NFL insider reveals brutal Aaron Rodgers update

The Comeback logo The Comeback 3/27/2023 Kevin Harrish
Aaron Rodgers © Provided by The Comeback Aaron Rodgers

Earlier this month, Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers finally broke his silence on his future in the league, revealing that he plans to play for the New York Jets during the upcoming NFL season. However, it’s become clear that it’s not that simple.

While Aaron Rodgers may want to play for the Jets, he is still under contract with the Packers, which means the Jets will have to convince the Packers to agree to a trade. And based on how long the process is taking, it seems that those trade talks aren’t going all that well.

And as NFL insider Peter King alludes, these trade talks could mean that the Jets will have to give up quite a lot in return for Aaron Rodgers – and that could be bad news for New York in the long run, especially if Rodgers only plays one season with the Jets.

“I think the more I hear about the Jets’ pursuit of Aaron Rodgers, the more it’d scare me—unless, and this is a big ‘unless’—it involves at least a verbal agreement that he plays in 2024 as well,” Peter King wrote in his Football Morning in American Column.

We’ll certainly have to see how this situation develops, but it’s become clear that the Packers are going to seek plenty of compensation in return for Rodgers.

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