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Ric Flair's Resurgence For One Last Match Is Short-Sighted - Here's Why

CBR logo CBR 6/28/2022 Madison Diaz
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The infamous Ric Flair has been a significant figure for pro wrestling, especially when it came to establishing and developing WWE into the brand name it is today. The 73-year-old pro-wrestling champion has already retired twice, including after his unforgettable last match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXIV in 2008. Back then fans mourned Ric Flair's retirement, even though he continued to stay involved with his daughter Charlotte Flair's career. He did an excellent job as her supporter, cheering for her and helping to cheat in some great WWE moments.

Now, Flair is back once again, with his final final match set to take place on July 31, 2022. And though fans are excited to see Flair back in the ring for one last night, the excitment might be keeping some people from truly examining how short-sighted this final match actually is. Not only has Flair had major health problems over the years, but there are still many other reasons this final match might not be the best idea for him at this point in his career, especially over a decade after his last final match.

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There has been some speculation that Flair is only returning to the ring for two reasons. He is either searching for a paycheck, or he's trying to have one last moment in the spotlight for his pride. When approaching the conversation about his finances, it has to be pointed out that Flair has a variety of paths available to him for income. Charlotte Flair still holds a significant title with WWE as the Women's champion, and he could always resurface to assist her with promos or as a coach at the ringside.

If not work with his family, Flair could also always work with WWE Studios and share stories about his life through different forms of media. They have a variety of fiction and nonfiction projects he could easily participate in and earn an easy buck. The idea that he's wrestling for financial reasons seems unlikely, so his pride could very well be the reason he wants back into the spotlight for another "final" time.

According to, Flair expressed being stronger and faster in the ring than recently shown on social media. He seemed confident in the fact that he was in "better shape now than ever in his life [in terms of cardio]," and that he's been training long-term. People are still concerned about his health because training isn't the same as performing in front of an audience, especially in a high endurance activity like pro wrestling. Flair seemingly wants to prove to fans and himself that his medical issues aren't slowing him down, but is that worth the risk?

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In the interview, Flair goes on to discuss his brief brushes with death and how he's almost died from heart complications in the past. He insists it's not about the money, and that seems to be the truth. Instead, the match seems to be more about proving to himself that he's the amazing athlete he's already proved himself to be. Although redemption is a wonderful dream for an athlete, the dangers behind it still outweigh that small benefit he could gain from the match, making the entire event seem short-sighted and not properly thought out.

There have been some protections for Flair for the match, including the fact that this will be a six-man tag team match. He won't receive all the attention and glory of the fight because he'll be splitting time with his fellow pro wrestlers. Obviously, this is the best way to book the match, as Flair probably would not have the stamina to fight someone one-on-one, but this also brings up the question of why it's important to signify it as another final match for him. Assisting other wrestlers can bring a fun element to pro wrestling events, so wanting to turn this into one final match doesn't seem logical in the long run -- and it could come back to hurt Flair's legacy, and even his health.


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